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It seems natural to start this with my age... That's 25 by the way. (yep.. I know that's surprising seeing as I look about 12)
I've got a Fine Art degree under my belt and strangely enough.. I'm currently balancing ( 94 at least attempting to) blogging and working for the ambulance service.. good mix eh?
I'd like to say that you'll normally catch me with my camera in hand - potentially taking photo's of newborns or pets - but in reality - with a full-time job, a full time boyfriend, and most definitely full-time hunger pangs, you're more likely to catch me with a topknot wobbling away on my head and my phone securely attached to my being enabling me to scroll mindlessly through twitter, pinterest and instagram whilst splaying my legs and body all over my rather unfortunate boyfriend or sofa.
My blog is a place for me to collect my thoughts, get excited about my all too many new purchases and generally ramble about things that probably no-body else finds interesting.
I will always express my honest opinions on products, events, people and life.
This is my little slice of the internet, and so far I'm quite enjoying having it.

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