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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Summer Brights

 Oh Hey stranger beings. How are we?
It's been a little while since I've been active over here hasn't it? Work has been getting in the way more than I'd like ( to be honest I'm ready to retire already) and so I just haven't had the opportunity to shoot. However, I finally managed to drag my luminous self down to a pretty location (wahey) and today I'm bringing to you an outfit post based around the trend 'Summer Brights'. I was challenged to create and style this trend by the lovely people at the Gracechurch centre as part of their Fashion In The Frame campaign which showcases the best trends of the season and gives visitors a chance to win their favourite looks.
I felt like this was a bit of a challenge for me as despite generally having pretty bright hair.. I tend to stick to mostly black or muted tones when it comes to clothing. I went for a sunshine yellow dress but still stayed within my normal style by grunging it up with fishnet socks and a vintage denim jacket. Oh - and of course - the best t-shirt ever to have existed.
 Layering a plain t-shirt over a bright dress is a great way to inject some colour into your outfit without feeling too 'on show' if you're used to more muted tones. Of course, if you'd rather make a statement with your accessories instead then this bright orange bag does the job just fine, (Matching Ronald McDonald hair optional)
Evidently.. I went for all three of the above because if you're going to make a statement then why not really go for it eh? 
Admittedly, I probably wouldn't wear this outfit for a quick milk run or to collect a mass of parcels from the delivery office, but I actually fell more in love with this outfit the longer I wore it and will definitely be bringing it back out to play sometime soon.
Something that I've been realising more than ever before is that 'pulling something off' or 'looking fierce' is 99% about how you feel and 1% about what you wear. If you feel confident it seeps out of you and takes your outfit from pass to sass.
 River Island Shoes, Socks, & Sunglasses, Topshop T-shirt & Earrings, New Look Dress, Bag & Necklace, Vintage Jacket

 I'd love to know how you feel about injecting bright colours into your wardrobe. And also just how you are in general cause y'know... long time no speak.

Don't forget, if you head to the Gracechurch Centre in Sutton Coldfield then snap your favourite framed outfit and share it on your social channels to be in with a chance of winning your chosen look!

Miss ya
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