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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Taking Ownership Of Your Body

So here's the truth. 
No Bullshit.
I've spent the majority of my memorable life despising my body. The only time I remember being remotely happy with it was after an operation where I wasn't able to eat properly for months. 
I've had 'episodes' where I've felt a little more in tune with my body.. after regular yoga practice and meditation and I guess there's also a small sense of acceptance that comes with age. (Yes I know I'm not 80 but honestly.. I feel like the negative relationship I have with my body is at much less of an extreme than it was in my teenage years) 
I guess part of it has been not feeling ownership of my body. For as long as I can remember, it has been someone else's body.. to accept.. comment on...hold.

No More.

I don't think it's just about acceptance either.. it's about acceptance because of the 'flaws'.. and not in spite of them.

I grew up - like most of you I'm sure - surrounded by images of women.. slated if they weren't fitting the very 'specific' mould, or praised for loosing weight. Widely unachievable bodies are used to sell products to men who want to be seen with those unachievable bodies, and to women who want to have those unachievable bodies.
Surely it's about time we saw 'women like us' as inspiration too. Women with big hearts and an open mind.
 Women of different shapes, sizes and colours.
Women who truly represent the reality of what it is to be female.

Something that I've always used a form of 'feminine protection' - if you will - is having long hair. I don't feel confident in my body and my dress sense can be a little grungey at the best of times. Having my hair cut short was something I feared as I felt like I was getting rid of the one thing - if anything - that had the potential to define me as 'pretty'. 
And so.. when the time came to take these photos.. with shorter hair and a low self esteem.. I wasn't exactly buzzing about it. 
Something I realised during the process.. was how much dressing for myself could make me feel so on top of things... like I'd got my shit together and could tackle whatever the day would throw at me.
It made me realise how much of a boost I can get from wearing some sexy AF underwear just for me.
 I'm obviously not trying to claim that wearing a good bra will solve all of life's problems (although how fab would that be) but more that there's something to be said for for forcing yourself to get up - get ready - and power your way through the day, faking it until you make it.
I've been making a real effort recently to boost my self esteem - not just by trying to limit that judgemental little gremlin in my brain but also by heading to the gym, reminding myself that it's -okay and also possible - to eat and still change your body shape, and by taking care and actually - pride - in the materials that I choose to wrap around my body.

Simply Beach Lingerie *

Thanks to Simply Beach  (who create the most confidence boosting swimwear AND lingerie ) for giving me the opportunity to treat myself, and for allowing me to see myself with an outsiders eyes.
I guess my aim in posting this is to say that it's okay to look like me.
It's okay to look like you too.
I've got a long road ahead of me.. but if I can walk it whilst wearing some beautiful underwear? That's got to be a good start right?




  1. It's more than okay to look like you, you absolute babe! Love this post :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  2. Oh Ally, I love this. I have always despised myself and, to this day, I am so very uncomfortable in my own skin.

    You look amazing and this totally gives me more confidence to try and love myself for me. You are a total babe!

    Sending hugs! xxx

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