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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Blogging From Outside Of London

Something that I always find when attending events, press days or meetings in London is that most people are a little shocked that I don't live in London and that I've actually travelled down from Birmingham. As I'm sure most of you will be aware - most things that are going to happen, are going to happen in London, and I guess that for some, this can be quite difficult - especially if you're just starting to grow your blog and could really do with a few networking opportunities. 
So, I wanted to pop together a little post all about how I make blogging work for me, and things I've found that really help me get the most out of opportunities when they arise.
When I first created this little space on the internet, I was working in Topshop, living with my mom and spending most of my money on clothes and makeup. Living at home with my mom meant that I had more spare cash than I do now and I was able to set aside some money each month to put towards travel and seeing friends. Having a railcard was SUPER useful and saved me so much money on train fare (I die a little death every time I realise that I'm now too old to qualify for one) and I found that trying to schedule everything into one day meant that I'd get to see lots of people whilst also not having to spend too much money on travel or hotels. I'd also say that being 'picky' with what you attend is never a bad thing, especially if you're travelling quite far and paying out quite a bit of moolah to get there.
Needless to say, things have changed quite significantly for me and I'm now working in the ambulance service by day ( and night.. many many nights) and I try my best to fit blogging in around it. It's harder to swap shifts to attend events and I'm a little more strapped for cash as pretty much all of my money goes on bills - the life of an independent woman eh?
SO, I now tend to navigate my travel to London a little differently and so far? It's working out pretty well. I still try and fit everything into a short space of time but I tend to spread things over a couple of days and stay somewhere for one or two nights to really help me absorb the atmosphere and to allow me to make evening plans without rushing for the latest train, which, in my opinion.. is never quite late enough. 
My most recent venture down to the big smoke was for an exciting shoot with Look Magazine ( I know.. I'm pretty sure they asked the wrong person too but I was obviously never going to highlight that) Whilst I was down there, I stayed at the Citizen M Hotel in Bankside and let me tell you.. it was glorious. Staying overnight immediately took away the stress of travel, and it meant that I was able to fit in seeing my girl Elle and have a spot of dinner with my brother too before heading home.
The hotel itself was absolutely perfect for a stay with work, or even just for a night with the girls and it made my time in London super easy and incredibly comfortable. Did I mention that the beds are basically the size of my flat? The room had a floor to ceiling window (something which all Citizen M hotels boast) and mood controlled lighting, free films and blind controls - all from the touch of a tablet. Of course I couldn't be kept away from the bar for long because: cocktails and the breakfast in the morning was perfect to set me up for a day of shooting in the big city.
On the night between prep day and shoot day, I didn't really venture far from the hotel and opted for getting cosy in the dreamiest bed, watching Bridget Jones and Bridesmaids (because : my life) and catching up on some emails and photo editing for some upcoming posts. I've honestly not felt that relaxed in a long time and the fact that all of the drinks and snacks in the fridge were FREE..? Well.. I guess that just added to the success of the night.
Vintage Shirt, Primark Jeans, Topshop Necklace

As well as finding the perfect place to stay ( Yes, Citizen M have got you covered, even at the airport if you're flying in) you can also network outside of events by meeting up with some twitter pals that you may have been RT'ing on the regs. If I haven't met my blogging pals through events, I've probably met them through sheer stalkerish behaviour on twitter and just dropping them a message saying 'hey, wanna grab a coffee?'
I've found that the majority of the blogging community is pretty damn ace and most people are usually down for being a bit social - and of course, taking a trendy instagram photo ( we are bloggers afterall). And, I've gotta say.. it's the friendships I've formed through blogging that are the sole reason I owe so much of my happiness to it. The events and the opportunities are incredible and I'm thankful for them every day, but mostly? I'm thankful for those I get to share it with, people I now get to call friends.

- Vlog coming soon! Check out my channel to keep updated -


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