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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Importance Of Transparency In Blogging

You might have noticed that I haven't been so active over here for a while... I guess I've been working through some issues I've been having with my blog and my reasons for creating content. If I'm honest.. It's still something that I'm working through and I think that a lot of it comes down to choosing a lack of creation over the creation of something that isn't 'good enough'. Whilst this is something that I'm still working out and am actively putting changes in place to prevent (helloooo new content/design/general rebranding plans) I just wanted to drop by to put my two pence in - so to speak - on the importance (imo) of transparency in blogging. 
One of the reasons that I fell in love with blogging - not as a creator, but as a reader - is because of the underlying passion for truth and honesty that seemed to sew the community together. 'Finally' I thought.. a place to find honest and open opinions.. whether that be about products, friendships, sex.. even self-help memoirs and recipes.. 'And it's free too?' Yep.. the internet has your back.. I thought.

Since the community has grown, some amazing content creators are now earning a decent wage from a job that didn't even exist a few years ago and I for one think that's awesome. Unfortunately, with any type of success comes a buzz of negativity and the current and most recent issue seems to be transparency when it comes to earning money through sponsored content. 
I for one am an avid reader of certain blogs and websites because I wholeheartedly trust what the creator is telling me. I trust that they wouldn't say a product was great when it wasn't.. I trust that the photo's aren't edited to make the clothes look better than in real life.. I trust that they also have down days, fat days.. and that their instagram isn't actually an accurate representation of their life.

I wonder if part of the 'problem' is that as a reader, we have a responsibility to understand -to a certain extent - what's going on behind the scenes. It's important that we understand that instagram isn't real life and constant trips abroad don't actually mean 'holidays'. We need to understand that bloggers are becoming business women and brand owners in their own right... That they follow certain aesthetics and make money from what they do and that actually.. that isn't an issue in the slightest. Personally? I don't have a problem with bloggers having carefully curated content that perhaps doesn't mirror 'real life'.. we all like a bit of escapism now and again don't we?
COS, Shirt & Trousers, Dr Martens Boots, Daniel Wellington Watch
Photo's by Megs

As soon as bloggers start creating dishonest content and producing adverts without saying so... working with brands purely for the money rather than because they're relevant to the blogger or their readers... well that's when it's all going to go to pot.. isn't it? Essentially.. people love to read blogs because they're more real and relatable than magazine content. And that's just it.. it doesn't mean that blogging can't talk about high end products or designer bags.. because it's all relatable to someone... what's important is that it's honest and I think we've been missing a platform for honesty up until literally just a few years ago. I think that as a community, we've helped create something so powerful, and I for one aim to help sustain that.. by being open.. honest.. and staying true to myself as a person which in turn means staying true to myself as a blogger, and true to you guys.. whether you're regular readers or because you stumbled across this by making a few typo's on Goolge.
Either way.. I've got your back.

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