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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Styling A Shirt Dress

Hey Pals! 
How're we all diddling?
I just thought I'd drop by with another outfit post....Yes I've been spending and no I'm not even a little bit sorry. ( Well I might be come 'bill paying day' but for now I'm all good)
Anyway, onto the good stuff (Clothes. Always clothes)
I picked up this dress on yet another one of my Asos scrolling days and basically decided to buy yet another hat to complete the outfit despite already owning a wall full.. still.. a gal can never have too many hats amiright?
The dress is a thick chord material so it tends to hold its shape and has a bit of structure to it, as well as a little bit of warmth to help us English dwellers out with our so called 'Summer'.
Having said that.. not to go all British on you but have you FELT how warm it's been lately? I've for sure melted off many facefulls of makeup and despite being ever so slightly more tanned than I was perhaps a week ago, I'm also significantly more sleep deprived because: too warm.
I was about to tell you about how I collected a fan from my Mom's house to have over at my place to help me actually breathe during the warm nights but then I decided that nobody cares and you really didn't start reading this to hear about the weather that you already know about because you've probably been living through it yourself - but oh look.. I just happened to keep it in anyway.
Asos Hat & Dress, Dr Martens Boots, Daniel Wellington Watch

Really what I wanted to get at - which I still haven't even touched upon - is that sometimes it's nice to just have an item that you can just throw on and it looks like you've actually put some thought into your outfit rather than just jeans and a t-shirt.... again.... which I'm becoming more than a little bit guilty of. It was nice to wear a dress again as I've been pretty much living in trousers for what feels like 6 months and sometimes - even if you're pale AF - it's nice to get your legs out and actually be a girl. 
And of course.. when I say be a girl, I mean wear all black and toughen your dress up with a pair of Docs. Sorry.. I couldn't help myself.

What do you think of this take on a shirt dress?
Would you wear it any differently?


  1. Ah Ally man, this post really did make me smile. I feel you on the fan situation woman...the pain of this summer heat is real! I strongly dislike tossing and turning in my bed sweating my tits off...TMI.

    Katie xx ¦

    1. Ahahaa so glad it's not just me. Never TMI lol xx

  2. Love love loooove this whole look :) I've said it too many times, but your hair is literally so fantastic right now.

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

    1. Ahhh thank you SO much girl! You're is always the bomb! XX

  3. Love the grunge, rock chick look, you totally nailed it! And of course you can never have too many hats. Liking the makeup look too. Great post! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. Love a shirt dress, I share your woes on shopping I can never resist and always end up skint halfway through month
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  5. I love the look ;)
    the combination with those boots and the hat is gorgeous :) its cute and edgy and grungey ;) great
    you look amazing, I love the makeup ;) its a lovely colour pop in the look

  6. Ahhhh look at you babes!! This shirt dress looks awesome on you pal - killing it AS PER! <3

    Hayley xo


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