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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Breathe In

Happy Tuesday friendlings! How're we all doing today? 
I've been enjoying the mental weather on my week off from work and trying to make the most of the beautiful sunny moments between rainfall and thunderstorms. It's made a nice change to actually put together some outfits again rather than living in my uniform and pajamas - oh, and any opportunity to take my new Doc's out for a spin has been used and abused.
I managed to fill my week off with lots of socialising and I also had quite a bit of time to myself in my new place which has been a little weird. I've finally got most of my rooms sorted and having an actual sofa to sit on has been a pretty dreamy addition to my living situation. It's still taking lots of getting used to.. especially when I come home after work and there's no-one to ask how my day has been. There's also the pro's though.. like walking around in my pants whenever I want and starfishing in my bed until whatever time I like.
Asos Dungarees, Asos Bag, Doc Martens, Urban Outfitters Jumper, Jewellery Box Bracelets & Rings*, Daniel Wellington Watch 
Photo's by my favourite human: Megs 
I've also found some pretty sweet places to shoot near my new home so expect a few different backdrops for the forseeable! I'm planning to make a huge effort with the old blog so am hoping to have some more regular content up for you guys. It's always hard to fit in with work and shifts but it's something that I really want to make a priority. On that note.. massive thanks to all of you who have stuck with me through the periods of silence when I'm on nights or just generally having a manic life. It doesn't go unnoticed and I've got major love for you all.

Would you ever wear dungarees? Part of me feels like a 12 year old but I'm also comfy enough to just not care.

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