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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Give Me Some Candy

Hey pals! Firstly I just want to say that if any of this doesn't make sense, I can only apologise. I'm running on two hours sleep after a night shift and I'm currently being distracted by The Incredibles and the sound of popcorn crunching in my ear.
Last week - I think? - I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with the one and only Hannah Gale, before heading to the most wonderful afternoon tea at the St Ermin's Hotel in London. Not only was the food and drink more than a little bit dreamy, but the company was 100% ace too. I can't even explain how good it feels to hang out with people who just 'get' you. Y'know?
I don't mean that typical 'blog friend' who understands the necessity of not eating until the perfect flatlay has been taken ( although yeah, that's pretty awesome too).. but I mean more than that...
It's just good to spend time with other creatives who understand that burning desire to 'make stuff' that can feel like it's killing us whilst also giving us LIFE. 
( Of course we also had the standard girl chat about clothes.. and boys.. I'm only human.)
 Since the weather had been pretty beaut recently, I opted to get the pasties out (note: re-read that.. I did not write pasties as in.. the vegetable kind.. but pasties as in pasty legs.. with me so far?) Anyway.. I got my legs out at the first opportunity and paired this suede Topshop dress with a good old stripey shirt underneath because a) who doesn't love a bit of layering and b) It's warm but it's not that warm.
 Of course, being the 'anti-girl' that I am, I toughened it up a bit with some chunky - and super comfortable- black boots and then twirled around in the St Ermin's grounds as if I wasn't nearly ran over by a taxi on multiple occasions. That's dedication to the cause folks.
 Topshop Dress & Boots, Primark Shirt & Bracelets, Daniel Wellington Watch
Photo's by my bae Hannah Gale

 After filling our faces with all of the cake and good things, we headed down to the Debenhams Beauty press day which was - as always - incredible, and I was super happy to run into my other partner in crime, Hayley, who had taken over their social media account for the day (and what a good job she did too). The event location was pinterest worthy and the marble bathrooms were to die for. If I could have moved in? I would have.
I then grabbed a quick bite to eat with Brother Blunderland and managed to find myself getting back to Birmingham a whole two hours late after train delays. Still.. I shared the train journey with a rather drunk man who - if I recall correctly - worked at some kind of farmers convention thing? I don't know.. but the conversation kept me awake for sure.

Have you ever been for afternoon tea in London? 
How do you layer up for the British Spring?




  1. Gorgeous photos and I absolutely adore your outfit (and your hair, can I have your hair please?). I love to "toughen" up an outfit by adding a pair of chunky boots, you can never go wrong with that! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Thanks so much lovely!
      ahaha we can share it.. hows that?

  2. I love this outfit and how you've layered to cater for British weather! I've currently been layering shirts under jumpers for Spring, it's a great way to dress up my knitwear!

    Emma at

    1. Thanks Emma!
      ahhhhh YES. Shirts under jumpers is my JAM! xx

  3. When did you go blonde? Am I late to the party?

    Buckets & Spades

  4. Yes Ally! Love these photos and the outfit - Love Hannah's blog and she did a killer job at snapping your look!

    Hannah | Oh January

  5. You look fab. Love these chunky shoes, I have a similar pair and I absolutely love them. I've been for afternoon Tea a couple of times in London the best was the Ritz (obviously!) and Fortnum and Maison. Superb. x

  6. Look bae-utifulllll Ally, your hair and bold lips always look fabulous <3

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  7. Thanks so much lovely!
    ahaha we can share it.. hows that?

  8. That lip colour. OOH THAT LIP COLOUR. I love.

    I came to this post from Hannah's post and it is SO nice to have friends that 'get' what you do. You both took some LUSH pictures of each other too, so there's that.

    xx ❤ La Coco Noire

  9. Just discovered your blog and I LOOOVEEE IT! Your style is to die for!

    Love the post also, your outfit is lovely!


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