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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Give Me Some Candy

Hey pals! Firstly I just want to say that if any of this doesn't make sense, I can only apologise. I'm running on two hours sleep after a night shift and I'm currently being distracted by The Incredibles and the sound of popcorn crunching in my ear.
Last week - I think? - I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with the one and only Hannah Gale, before heading to the most wonderful afternoon tea at the St Ermin's Hotel in London. Not only was the food and drink more than a little bit dreamy, but the company was 100% ace too. I can't even explain how good it feels to hang out with people who just 'get' you. Y'know?
I don't mean that typical 'blog friend' who understands the necessity of not eating until the perfect flatlay has been taken ( although yeah, that's pretty awesome too).. but I mean more than that...
It's just good to spend time with other creatives who understand that burning desire to 'make stuff' that can feel like it's killing us whilst also giving us LIFE. 
( Of course we also had the standard girl chat about clothes.. and boys.. I'm only human.)
 Since the weather had been pretty beaut recently, I opted to get the pasties out (note: re-read that.. I did not write pasties as in.. the vegetable kind.. but pasties as in pasty legs.. with me so far?) Anyway.. I got my legs out at the first opportunity and paired this suede Topshop dress with a good old stripey shirt underneath because a) who doesn't love a bit of layering and b) It's warm but it's not that warm.
 Of course, being the 'anti-girl' that I am, I toughened it up a bit with some chunky - and super comfortable- black boots and then twirled around in the St Ermin's grounds as if I wasn't nearly ran over by a taxi on multiple occasions. That's dedication to the cause folks.
 Topshop Dress & Boots, Primark Shirt & Bracelets, Daniel Wellington Watch
Photo's by my bae Hannah Gale

 After filling our faces with all of the cake and good things, we headed down to the Debenhams Beauty press day which was - as always - incredible, and I was super happy to run into my other partner in crime, Hayley, who had taken over their social media account for the day (and what a good job she did too). The event location was pinterest worthy and the marble bathrooms were to die for. If I could have moved in? I would have.
I then grabbed a quick bite to eat with Brother Blunderland and managed to find myself getting back to Birmingham a whole two hours late after train delays. Still.. I shared the train journey with a rather drunk man who - if I recall correctly - worked at some kind of farmers convention thing? I don't know.. but the conversation kept me awake for sure.

Have you ever been for afternoon tea in London? 
How do you layer up for the British Spring?



Sunday, 17 April 2016

That Street Life

Oh London how I've missed you.
These photo's were taken by one of my favourite humans: Saida Cane, (go follow immediately) when I met up with her and Lauren for a day of eating, chatting and events. 
After working 7 shifts in a row, it was amazing to get a few days off together and be in a position to see some friends and actually network with brands again. I didn't quite realise just how much I'd missed 'blog life' until I did it and GAWDDDD have I missed it. We went for brunch at a place called the Farm Girl Cafe and basically, the pancakes made me die in a good way.
Like history repeating itself, I opted for ultimate comfort in my gazelles, some basic black trousers and a floaty shirt from good old Urban Outfitters. I actually think this is probably the comfiest I've ever been in London and it made a nice change to not be wearing my uniform of ripped skinnies and an oversized leather jacket.
I was also thrown into that unfamiliar trend of 'Oh God what do I wear' before heading out and actually.. rather than feeling stressed about it, it was just so good to actually be putting outfits together again. I absolutely love my job but I don't think I love it quite as much as I love boots and coats. 
I've also found that having grey hair means that clothes can look totally different on me. Cooler tones tend to be more of my friend right now and actually I'm more than down with that as it means even more experimenting (and shopping.. maybe?)
I also just wanted to let you guys know that not only did it start to rain mid photo sesh, but we also acquired a one man audience who wouldn't leave us be and then my camera battery died.
So.. yeah.. winning at life.
Primark Trench, Bracelets & Trousers, Adidas Gazelles, Urban Outfitters Shirt, Daniel Wellington Watch

Also, sidenote: I can't help but be super aware of how I look in photo's since having a conversation about my 'posing technique'. It sounds stupid to say that I've never thought about it before because I clearly have.. I think we all have those fifty million thoughts of 'oh god I look fat at this angle' or 'you'll see all my chins from there' as soon as someone points a lens at us, right?, but I hadn't thought about how I have actually learned over time which angles I hate the least and now naturally fall into them when having photo's taken.
It made me realise that because I'm forever posting photo's of myself online, it might come across like I just stand there and don't freak about my back fat or donut knees and well, that's just not true.
Still, fake it till you make it eh?



Thursday, 14 April 2016

Primark Spring 2016

Well Hello there strangers! How's it hanging? 
I may have been shopping again..
In my defence, a brand new Primark opened just down the road from me and obviously I had to give it a visit and buy all of the things
SO, as usual, I'm bringing to you an entire outfit of Primark goodness, perfectly in time for Spring. 'Mazin.
The skirt is something that I wasn't sure about because a) I was concerned it would make me look like a child and b) I don't think A line bottoms are particularly flattering on my shape, however, I'm willing to overlook both of those things because not only is it just the most beautiful bright denim colour but it makes such a change from wearing skinnies & gets me excited for warmer weather too.
Also, If we could just take a moment to appreciate THE SUN. It feels so good to actually get my pasty pins out and be able to wear spring appropriate makeup. I mean, as you know, I'm all about the berry tones but the occasional pop of pink here and there also pleases me greatly. It's also been nice to break out of my 'typical' makeup habits since having my hair done.. I've found that warm tones don't look so fine anymore so I've been opting for a cooler smokey eye and of course : a bright lip.
Shirt : £10, Skirt : £10, Shoes: £14, Jacket : £20, Bracelets: £2 all Primark

The shoes are incredibly comfortable considering their height and tan heels are always a must but especially this season and I'm so in love with my duster jacket/coat hybrid that I might just die. It's such a staple piece for dressing up or down, formal or casual, day or night.... versatility people, that's what it's all about.
Of course I didn't stop my spending at this one outfit, I also picked up an absolute tonne of other stuff. You can find my Primark haul here, pop over and say hi if you're interested, there's SO many good things that you probably need just as much as I did.

How have you all been? 
Have you picked up anything from Primark recently?

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