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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Grey Hair: A How To

 For those of you that follow intently on my instagram and/or twitter (oh hey social media friends) you'll know that a short while ago, I began the transformation from box dyed black hair to the wonderful, salon dyed grey you see above.
Let's be honest.. it's pretty exciting.. right?
And so.. because of the excite, and because it's something that a lot of people seem to be doing right about now, I thought I'd pop together a little post telling you how it was achieved, and what to expect if you're planning the granny chic look for yourself.

1. First things first, I'm gonna go all out here and say maybe don't try and do this yourself at home? I'm a big fan of box dye and hacking at my own fringe but for such a big change you really do need to leave it to the professionals as it could SO easily go wrong. You'll want to get yourself booked in for a consultation with your colourist to discuss what is achievable for you and your hair. When I headed over to Outcast in Northampton, (the place where hair dreams really do come true) I had a chat with Vicky about how plausible it was for me to go white blonde/grey. Taking into consideration the condition, texture and density of my hair, she suggested first starting with a full head of highlights, and then allowing the hair to rest before lightening the whole head at a later date. 
What I loved about the experience was how honest it was. There was no false promises and Vicky was very careful not to say that we could achieve something that we potentially couldn't because, afterall, everybody's hair is different and some will damage more easily. 

2. Secondly, accept that you're probably going to have to get your hair bleached. Some people run with fear as soon as the word bleach is used but it's honestly totally fine. At Outcast, Vicky was so careful with the lightener, constantly checking the condition of my hair and how the colour was progressing,  I had absolutely no concerns whatsoever. It also helped that the synchro lift lightener had potato starch in it which basically means that it doesn't itch or feel uncomfortable at all.. (which if you've had your hair lightened before, you know will be a welcome change) Paul Mitchell.. you're good. You're really good.

3. All of the conditioning treatments are your friends. Luckily for me, I pretty much got the gold standard hair treatment ( as far as I'm concerned) and throughout the lightening process, my hair was treated with the most wonderful (and best smelling) products ever. One of said wonderful products was a keratin treatment called Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratriplex (Yeah, try saying that when you're drunk) which is designed to restructure, repair and condition the hair. I can honestly say that my hair felt much smoother, and just generally softer (and not even a little bit 'frazzled') aftter the lightening process, than before. Now that's good, right? 
Vicky also used a range of brand new keratin products which will be available in the salon soon and I'm already itching to go back purely to try them again. My hair felt so soft, so conditioned, and basically the best it's ever felt... and that's before we even talk about how GREAT it smelled.
As for aftercare, I'd recommend regular conditioning masks and if possible, limiting heat styling can really make a difference.

4. Embrace 50 shades of grey. As awesome as grey hair is, it's notorious for fading and so don't expect it to last 6 months because it just wont. You're going to get the nicest tone of grey if your hair is as light as it possibly can be before toning. Any yellow tones in your hair will be counteracted with the blueish tones in the grey and end up green. (This is why going to the salon, and to one that you trust and who know what they're doing is super necessary) Vicky used the toner in the colour xg from Paul Mitchell to create this shade and I honestly could not love it more. She advised me on some great products to help keep the colour for as long as possible and explained to me how the toner is always a demi-permanent process.
I've personally been loving the Bleach London Silver Shampoo & Silver conditioner. It helps banish any yellow/green tones I might have going on and if you use it as much as me (probably over-use), you'll probably get some funky purple tones running though your hair after a while ( see here)  and y'know what? I'm more than a little bit down with that. 
Hair by the wonderful team at Outcast (who I would wholeheartedly recommend)
So there you have it! A short and simple guide of some of the things to consider if you're thinking of making the jump to grey ( which you most definitely should do). 
I haven't been this happy with my hair in such a long time and it's not just about the colour, it's about the generally awesome experience I had and that feeling of being a bit 'new'. Y'know?

If you fancy getting your hair transformed at the wonderful Outcast then click here to get in touch with them. 
(Don't forget to tell them I sent you, it's nice for us all to be connected, isn't it? )
(( I'm currently booking myself in for roots and another tone, see you there?))



  1. You are SUCH a babe and Outcast are my faves. Such a wonderful team, Vicky is such a babe and they always give such incredible colour results. Love love love. Xx

  2. This is great - I love the colour it really suits you well

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. I am CLOSE TO TEARS at how completely and utterly incredible you look. I literally cannot even put into words how much I'm fangirling right now!!!!! You're making me want to dye MY hair grey. And all my friends hair grey. And my dogs hair grey.

    I LOVE it.

    You, just YOU.


    1. Ahahahahah I can't even tell you how much this made me laugh!
      Thanks girl

  4. It's unfair how much you suit dark and light hair, the grey looks AWESOME on you beaut <3

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  5. I am such a fan of the grey! It's so soft, and suits you so well! looking beautifullll!


  6. youre absolutely rocking this colour! love love love it

    livinginaboxx | bloglovin


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