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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

I'm Blue

Am I in some kind of dress heaven recently? Yes. Yes I am. 
I recieved this dress in the post from Jones + Jones quite a while ago and literally have not had a second or opportunity to wear it let alone shoot it. Thankfully that day came and I was able to show you the gloriousness of it. New word. What can I say?
To be honest, I think I'm pretty much always all about the lace.. it's something that doesn't ever really stop looking amazing (providing it's done right) and this dress is no exception. It's also totally weird for me to be wearing something blue. I know that might sound bizarre but I think it's maybe the only blue thing I own.. other than the occasional striped tee so it was nice to be pushed slightly when it came to styling it. 
As you all know... not one for overly girly yada yada.... so I decided to chill the outfit out a little bit by adding a chunky knit - which I actually picked up for £15 from a vintage shop in Nottingham when I used to live there - and some simple grey boots. I like how the knit contrasts with the delicacy of the dress and I feel like it makes the outfit more wearable and especially super cute for festive times where you want to dress up but also be cosy.
Always be cosy.
Jones & Jones Dress, Primark Boots, Vintage Cardiagan
All photo's taken with this beautiful creation , the Olympus Pen.

So what do you think of blue lace? Into it? 
Would you ever mix something as dressy as this with a chunky knit?
I've been thinking and I might not catch you guys this side of Christmas again (unless I do a sneaky sneaky blog post) and so if that's the case, I hope you all have a wonderful time, full of laughs and food and all of the good things.



  1. I love the boots you've added with this girly dress - and the colour really suits you girl! I've always debated a dress with a little mesh in the chest area, but for someone with no boobs, I'm not too sure I'd pull it off QUITE LIKE YOUR SASSY SELF! X

  2. It's a beautiful shade of blue, and you look stunning! Please teach me your ways of rocking a mesh in an outfit when done right, and this is! Although I'm not really blessed in the boob department, so don't think I could rock it! Haha.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    1. Thank you so much pal!
      Oooohhh you DEFINITELY could!

  3. Absolutely love this dress! You look gorgeous <3 xx

  4. You look incredible! I absolutely love the idea of putting a chunky knit over such a fancy dress :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

    1. Thanks lovely!
      Yeah, I don't like to be too ott so I felt like the knit helped :)

  5. You look like a princess! Gorgeous dress :)

    Ashleigh from

  6. You look amazing!
    The dress is so beautiful. As is your face. And hair. And boots. Yep, I like it all.


  7. You look so beautiful Ally, that colour really suits you. Love you doll! xxx


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