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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Urban Renewal

So I guess you could say that I'm kind of in love with everything Urban Outfitters related at the moment. (I guess I always have been but have perhaps restricted myself a little more than I have of recent times ha!) I picked up this body suit on a whirlwind visit to the UO store on Oxford Street when I really should have been rushing for my train but I don't regret that little extra jog I had to do one bit. I mean.. it's more than a little risque which I'm not gonna lie.. does make me feel pretty uncomfortable and I think it'd probably be more suited so someone with smaller breasticles but what can I say.. sometimes I just like a plungey neckline. I basically figured that if everything else I was wearing was kinda unstructured and loose than it was totally fine to have ALL the chest on show. I have a few lacey bra's (also from UO) that actually look pretty fancy under the bodysuit as they cover a bit more of the chesticle area but still look all sexy and stuff. Not that I'd ever lend myself to being 'sexy' but that's another matter entirely now isn't it.
ANYWAY, I digress. The star of the show here for me is my beautiful new/old Levi's jacket. Don'tyoujustloveitsomuch? In case you weren't aware, Urban Outfitters do a whole range of Urban Renewal garms that are basically vintage in some form that they've helped bring into the modern age ( this jacket being one of them ) and BOY do I need every single item ever... But again.. that'd be another story. 
The jacket is so perfectly roomy without being unflattering y'know? You'll all already be aware of my love for clothes that are basically just baggy sacks but sometimes that can kind of hinder the whole body shape situation and well.. I end up looking a bit sack shaped. My point really is that this jacket does none of the negative things and all of the positive things in all of the positive ways. It's warm, it's levi's (swoon), it's comfy, it's trendy, it's worn, it's got decent pockets and it's basically every single season appropriate.
Urban Outfitters Jacket & Bodysuit, New Look Boots, H&M Jeans, Daniel Wellington Watch
Photo's by Megs 

So today we have learned that I'm in love with a jacket and would probably marry it if I could.
Make me feel a little less weird and share your garm love too?


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