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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Being A Guest In Your Own City

For those of you that know me outside of the blogging world, or perhaps those who keep a bit of an eye out over on twitter, it will probably be no surprise to you that I haven't always been the biggest fan of Birmingham. I think part of it is a natural need to flee my childhood home and I've always felt that there just isn't enough going on for a city of it's size. Nonetheless, when I was invited to the #sleepwellshopwell event with PremierInn & Propellernet a few weeks ago I was super excited to head into town and meet some fellow Birmingham bloggers because actually - to my surprise - they do exist! The event was centered around Megs guide to Birmingham with a lovely blogger dinner and a stay in Premier Inn. Oh.. and shopping (of course). 
After checking in to the hotel ( and enjoying how large and marshmallow like the bed was) we all grabbed a drink in the bar, before heading over to Lost & Found which was a short little wander down the road. For some weird reason I've actually never been before and put it this way, I'll for sure be heading back soon. The cocktails were amazing, the food was divine and most important of all, so was the company. It made such a lovely change from allofthework to be able to head to an event and meet some of the people I've been twitter stalking forever (Sophie & Claire I'm lookinatchoo), and of course, any chance to spend an evening with my pal Megs is going to make me all kinds of happy.
After lots of lovely chats and laughs - and quite a couple of yawns on my part - we headed back to the hotel to what was one of the best sleeps EVER.
The bed in the Premier Inn was literally the comfiest thing ever and I'm not ashamed to say that after dropping my bag by the door, I did a joyful little skip and jumped onto the bed with glee. It was a struggle to get back up to take my makeup off but I was intent on having the most peaceful and lovely sleep ever so I fought against the struggle, added all of the lovely face oils and climbed back into bed to catch up on some youtube and drift off to sleep. Bliss.
So it was hard to get up. 
However, once I did, I collected Sophie & Charlotte and headed down to meet the others for breakfast - where I ate all of the hash browns - obviously.. and then after packing up my things, we headed over to Yorks bakery for a cuppa, a cake and a chat. ( Oh, and to take my most favourite flatlay so far) After talking to Sophie (who was bloody lovely by the way) about how much she loved being at Uni in Birmingham and all of the cool places there are within it, I kind of realised that perhaps I'd never really given it a chance. When I lived in Nottingham for three years at Uni I really explored what the city had to offer and fell head over heels in love with it but I guess I've never really done that with Birmingham. I wasn't really aware of the independent cafe's and cool resteraunts.. I wasn't really aware of how peaceful and serene it could be and at that point I made a pact with Sophie that she would show me all of the amazing places in the City I've called my home for over 20 years. There's something to be said for being a guest in your own city I guess. 
Something I've never had an issue with in Birmingham is shopping (ma fave) and with the new addition of Grand Central Station (which has a Tiger.. & an Oliver Bonas btw), Selfridges - the home of all things Paperchase & Charlotte Tilbiry and a brand new WAY bigger Topshop in the Bullring, there's not really much to complain about is there. 

Have you ever tried being a guest in your own City?
& Have you ever slept on a bed that feels like a giant marshmallow? (Thanks Premier Inn, You're a babe)



  1. I wish I had been able to go to this - but I was exploring Sheffield with friends. Yorks is one of my favourite places (I need to visit their new branch soon) and if you ever manage to, Faculty coffee in the Piccadilly arcade is pretty fab too. There are a few great independent places in Brum - but it's so easy to overlook them when giant Topshops and the like open everywhere. Hopefully catch you about in Brum soon! x

    1. Awhhhh Winnie it would have been amazing to see you! Ooooooh thank you so much for that suggestion! I'll definitely check it out! YESSS that would be amazing girl! X

  2. Was so lovely to meet you finally :) And I would like to come on these Birmingham adventures please!

    Claire | | xx

    1. Ahhhh you too pal! SO GOOD! YES PLEASE COME TO THEM ALL ahaha xx


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