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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Brand Focus: The Best Of Smashbox

So you know how this thing works by now right?  I'm back with another 'Best Of' post and this time I'm talking all things Smashbox and I couldn't be more excited to share these beautiful products with you because a) I love them and b) I just know you'll love them too. Ready? Lets crack on then:

Photo Finish Foundation Primer : Finally a primer that actually makes my makeup last throughout the day! Oh, and it does that whole velvety smooth, poreless and lineless thing to your skin too which lets be honest, is pretty much every single thing you want from a primer.. amIright? I mean I could go on and on about this product as it's something I'm using and loving every single day but really all you need to know is that it literally does what it says on the tin & then some. Sorted.
Photo Finish Primer Water: So this is something I'd wanted to try for roughly a gazillion years because I'd heard about it from like a million different beauty bloggers and youtubers and I swear that recently everyone who's anyone is spraying all sorts of things on their faces for dewy finishes and/or makeup setting. So here's the deal: it's not as heavy duty as the previously mentioned primer but it still adds a little somethin'somethin' to your skin to help your makeup stick. To be honest I'm kind of into it purely for how refreshing it feels when you spray it on in the morning. I've even used it over makeup as a bit of a pick me up during the day which, to my knowledge didn't necessarily add more priming qualities but it felt lush so I'm down.
Contour Stick Trio: Okay so this little trio of pencils is hands down my favourite little set of products (no easy feat) to grace my dressing table and basically I think that you need them. Whether you're a contouring newbie or a self professed pro; literally nothing makes contouring easier than these creamy little cheekbone enhancers. I'm actually planning a little 'contouring for newbies' video including these so keep your beady eyes peeled for that but in the mean time? You just need to know that each stick is the perfect shade of highlight, bronze and contour and you can transform yourself from football to chiseled in seconds.  
LA Lights - Blendable Lip & Cheek Colour: These beautiful inventions come in a range of shades but 'Hollywood & Highlight' & 'Venice Beach Bronze' are ones you should more than certainly check out. They come domed (which I just love) and with a smudging sponge on the other end to help seamlessly create the most beautiful highlight. Personally I haven't actually used the sponge and instead just rub a little bit onto my fingers and then dab the product onto what I can find of my cheekbones and basically I've found a new fave highlighter soooooo I'm down with that. 
Be Legendary Matte Lipstick: I have two things to say about these : Fireball & Mauve. Both of these are the most wonderful shades but if I'm honest I'm not planning on stopping there.. it's like pokemon.. I've just got to have them all. Fireball is just the most perfect orange toned red and my GOD I just can't get enough. The non-drying formula is present across the whole matte range and the colour lasts without needing to be constantly re-applied. It won't bleed, it won't dry out.. it basically just sits pretty until you fancy taking it off.. which if you're me might be never.
Photo Angle Gel Liner: Okay so here's the long and short of it: these are kind of a love or hate product, pretty similar to the Benefit 'They're Real' Liner in their application but with a different formula. Personally, I after a bit of practice I always got on the the They're Real liner but the one thing that bugged me was the trouble I'd have removing it. Luckily, the Smashbox alternatives stay all day without the slightest inkling of budging but they aren't stubborn to remove with your average eye makeup remover. Personally I'm loving the shade Cocoa right now for a slightly more subtle autmuny wing. Mmm yey-ah.
Bronze Lights: There's not really much more I can tell you about this bronzer other than that it's beautiful. It's warm but not 'too' warm and I know this might sound weird but it's so finely milled that it flows so gently onto the skin. It doesn't drag, its easily buildable and well.. I just love it. The end.

So there you have it... do you have a bit of a shopping list now? 
Do you have any hero Smashbox products that I need to check out?.. 
Or even just hero products in general? 

Big Love!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fields Of Green

Happy Sunday friends! Apologies for the radio silence over here in Blunderland, it's now my last week of theory and I've basically got all of the exams and none of the time. Regardless of this of course I ended up shopping in town a few weekends ago and picked up probably my favourite dress of all time from Cos. I normally go for allblackeverythang but this little beauty was worth the deviation.
Obviously you could dress it up but of course I went for my standard Adidas trainers ( that may or may not have been because they were the only foot covering object I had with me at the time.) I also added a few minimal details with the earring and bracelet set that I picked up from Jewellerybox when I was at the Bloggers Festival a few weeks ago which lets be honest.. are BEAUTIFUL, amiright?
Also, If we could just take a moment to completely and utterly ignore how pale and blobby my legs are right now I'd appreciate it greatly. It's not too much of a concern for me as it's pretty much Autumn here in the UK (which is probably the most exciting thing in the world because ALLOFTHEAUTUMNHAULS) and so these pale stubby hot dogs will pretty much be covered by over the knee boots, ripped jeans and those thick and cosy lined tights from Primark for the forseeable future.
Cos Dress, Adidas Trainers, Jewellerybox Earrings* & Necklace*

Other than being a little chilly, it was also pretty nice to just stand outside amongst the nature (my boyfriend's cats) and take a few deep breaths in. I've been feeling a little 'caged' to say the least. I haven't been stuck in a classroom all day for years and every day I'm itching to create new content for this little internet space and my youtube channel but I just don't have time. It's seriously squashing all of my good feels. HOWEVER, that should all be changing over the next few weeks (providing that I pass) and I'm hoping to seriously get my blog on and I can't wait!

What's been going on in your lives? I miss you guys!
Ooh and if there's anything you'd like to see more of just let me know! (Hair routine & about a million hauls are already being prepped to come your way)


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