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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Back To Basics

 So as you know, I've been a very busy bee recently due to that kind of huge career change and I've been more than a little stressed. Having about zero minutes a day to chill out has really started to effect me and so something I've really enjoyed doing to perk myself up is to stick a record on and zone out (whilst revising intently.. of course).
I picked up this Crosley Cruiser Record Player at the Scarlett London Blogger Bash (which was super awesome by the way). Well I say I picked it up... what actually happened is that I WON it. I remember being a bit in denial when they called out my name and then basically saying all of the stupid things in my high pitched excited voice so yeah.. that was pretty awesome too.
Anyway, I digress... What I've found to be really useful in getting me through the last few weeks is just going 'back to basics' a little bit. It's funny, because previously my stress levels could have been reduced by turning my phone off, not checking my emails and leaving my macbook at home but since not finding the time to endlessly scroll, social media and that side of technology hasn't bothered me too much. Plugging in and playing a bit of The Kinks though.. well that's something I've been well into. 
They're something about vinyl isn't there? The slight crackles, the depth and the occasional unpredictability of the track making it that little more fragile? I don't know what it is really.. but it just makes everything feel a little more real.. a little more grounded. And.. feeling grounded is something I can really get down with right now.
What's super good about the Cruiser is that it's really lightweight and really travel friendly. This has meant that I've been able to carry my little stress reducer around with me and plug in wherever I end up, (which in fairness, has pretty just been my bedroom or at my boyfriend's but that's just because I'm a revision hermit.. the possibilities are endless!) Oh, and did I mention that it's super easy to use? (There's even a little 'how to' video just here if you're thinking of grabbing yourself one)
Right then, I've got some revision to get back to (exams are looming) and I think I'll wallow in my self pity whilst listening to a bit of The Smiths. I'm desperately clinging on to the fact that in 6 weeks time (all being well ) I should be able to get back to this blogging thing on a more regular basis. I've missed you! (and all the hauls, too..)
How do you chill out when you haven't got a second to breathe? I'd love to know!
Ooh, and I think I'm heading to The Bloggers Market on Saturday too so if any of you are around, make sure you come and say hey!



  1. That's amazing that you won this!! Such an awesome prize as well I'd love a record player like this but I haven't got anywhere to put one at the moment. Perhaps in my new place :D Also hope to see you at the Bloggers Market! xx

  2. What a fantastic prize! I know exams are stressful, but just take a deep breath and take each day as it comes over the next few weeks. I love baths, completely believe in baths to unwind! I love listening to music too - currently I'm loving Ben Howard's latest album and a playlist (it's a widget on my blog if you're looking for new music!) I put together recently. I find watching Downtown Abbey on Netflix completely chills me out - I find it very hard to watch fast paced programmes when I'm uptight.

    My favourite way to unwind is to for a visit or phone one of my friends and have a proper chat. I always sleep better if I have a few laughs before bed :)

    Catherine x
    Breathing Silver Linings

  3. Wow jealous that you won this! I love vinyl there is definitely something about it that sounds so much better than digital! I really want to get a record player for our flat, I just need to save! x

    Bethan Likes

  4. Wow, well done you absolute winner! That's a wicked prize. I love zoning out to music, I don't do it as much as I used to and to be honest I really miss it. I used to stay up to all hours of the night just to listen to certain radio shows and get really into the music. xx

    The Persephone Complex

  5. Oh wow that's a pretty spiffy prize! My parents have a record player at their house but it's always been one of those Don't Touch kinda things. I do love the earthiness and depth that record players give to a music jam session. Good luck with your exams - I tend to write or draw to relax when I'm stressed :)

    Fii | little miss fii

  6. I am el that you won the more portable version but YAY FOR UO vinyls, I am obsessed with mine!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  7. Love this post! I'm a huge fan of vinyl myself. I think it's lovely that - Thanks to the increasing popularity of vinyl - sitting and listening to music can be more of an activity again, just by itself. Record shopping is super therapeutic too.

    ♡ Emily from Trendpill x

  8. Nothing beats chilling out to a good record, I genuinely enjoy the crackling.
    Morrissey makes everything better/makes you fall 10000 feet deeper into self pity (in a good way!) Hope you manage to chill soon!

    Marina | Marina-Simone

  9. I'd love a record player, I still have some old records from my childhood nothing to play them on though
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  10. I completely agree, I think there is something about vinyl music that is just beautiful. Especially with older music <3

  11. what an awesome prize!! music in vinyl is so much better so mumford&sons are even more amazing that they normally are(:

    xx from Italy
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube
    P.s. Followed you on Bloglovin, hope you can return the favor (;


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