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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Another Day, Another Dress

Happy Sunday friends! I'm back with another outfit post for you featuring another pretty amazing dress! This one's from asos and is currently only £18 in the sale! (you're welcome). I bought it quite a while ago when the weather was a little warmer and I'd planned to wear it for a trip to London for a night with friends but unfortunately I was a diseased mess and couldn't go. Since then, it's been hanging in my wardrobe staring at me and just begging to be worn. I decided to take it for a spin last weekend and paired it with a floppy hat and some knee high's to give it a more autumninal look because well: autumn is my favourite thing in the world.
As per usual I paired the whole thing with a classic red lip (because it makes me feel more human) this one being a mixture of Mac's Ruby Woo & Lady Danger and I'll probably recycle the whole outfit when it gets a little cooler by adding some tights and a cape and tie the whole thing together with a nice brown belt. Ooh, and maybe I'll make a cheeky purchase of these boots to tie the whole thing together. I just should.. shouldn't I?
Asos Dress (now in the sale!), Topshop Hat (similar),  New Look Boots (similar)

What's your favourite way of taking outfits into the autumn? And do you have a particular fave outfit combo at the moment? I'm just about to head out to town to try and find an outfit for The Bloggers Festival next weekend because a)I like shopping and b)I'm convincing myself that I deserve it. 
Will I see any of you there?


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Keen As Mustard

 Guess who's back... back again... Ally's back... (you get the idea). So I'm not exactly 'back' but I finally got chance to take some outfit photo's yesterday which made me all kinds of happy. I've felt a bit.. I don't know.. 'not really myself?' for the last month or so. On my course, we have to wear our hair up and although there's no rules against a red lip.. it feels a little bit 'extra' in comparison to the way everyone else goes to work (that and I'm up before 6 and let's be honest.. ain't nobody got time for a red lip before 6) and so it made a nice change to actually not be in my pajamas or uniform for once.
I picked the dress up from H&M a few weeks ago on a trip to my local shopping center... I'd actually only popped in for hair dye (oh yeah, so I have a new 'do' too) but y'know what it's like. I think it was only about £15 and to be honest, I'm so about all of the autumn things that I just bought it in advance. It works as a summer dress too but I think it'll look even better all layered up with boots and coats and allofthejumpers.
 My mom surprised me with this beautiful bag that she picked up from Tkmax as it's totally not her normal style but I absolutley love it! I'll definitely be stealing it on a regular basis. It's a great size and was only £10!
 Primark Boots, H&M Dress, Topshop Hat, Gemporia Bracelet*

 Also, just a bit of an update : I just got back in from a lovely meal out with the fam and this dress covers the sins of allofthepizza. £15 well spent I'd say.
Have you been getting excited for autumn too? It can't just be me that needs alllll of the coats.. right?



Saturday, 15 August 2015

Back To Basics

 So as you know, I've been a very busy bee recently due to that kind of huge career change and I've been more than a little stressed. Having about zero minutes a day to chill out has really started to effect me and so something I've really enjoyed doing to perk myself up is to stick a record on and zone out (whilst revising intently.. of course).
I picked up this Crosley Cruiser Record Player at the Scarlett London Blogger Bash (which was super awesome by the way). Well I say I picked it up... what actually happened is that I WON it. I remember being a bit in denial when they called out my name and then basically saying all of the stupid things in my high pitched excited voice so yeah.. that was pretty awesome too.
Anyway, I digress... What I've found to be really useful in getting me through the last few weeks is just going 'back to basics' a little bit. It's funny, because previously my stress levels could have been reduced by turning my phone off, not checking my emails and leaving my macbook at home but since not finding the time to endlessly scroll, social media and that side of technology hasn't bothered me too much. Plugging in and playing a bit of The Kinks though.. well that's something I've been well into. 
They're something about vinyl isn't there? The slight crackles, the depth and the occasional unpredictability of the track making it that little more fragile? I don't know what it is really.. but it just makes everything feel a little more real.. a little more grounded. And.. feeling grounded is something I can really get down with right now.
What's super good about the Cruiser is that it's really lightweight and really travel friendly. This has meant that I've been able to carry my little stress reducer around with me and plug in wherever I end up, (which in fairness, has pretty just been my bedroom or at my boyfriend's but that's just because I'm a revision hermit.. the possibilities are endless!) Oh, and did I mention that it's super easy to use? (There's even a little 'how to' video just here if you're thinking of grabbing yourself one)
Right then, I've got some revision to get back to (exams are looming) and I think I'll wallow in my self pity whilst listening to a bit of The Smiths. I'm desperately clinging on to the fact that in 6 weeks time (all being well ) I should be able to get back to this blogging thing on a more regular basis. I've missed you! (and all the hauls, too..)
How do you chill out when you haven't got a second to breathe? I'd love to know!
Ooh, and I think I'm heading to The Bloggers Market on Saturday too so if any of you are around, make sure you come and say hey!


Saturday, 8 August 2015

I Just Copped A Feel

If you're a regular round these ends then you'll know that I've been a bit AWOL recently due to my paramedic training. Obviously, in doing this, I'm learning SO much more about the body.. and in essence, about life and how to keep it. Something like this really makes you realise how fragile, but also how incredibly strong our bodies can be, and with this in mind, I just wanted to take a couple of minutes of your time to talk about something super simple you can do that could actually help to save your life. Oh.. And I'm probably going to say 'boob's' quite a bit too. So there's that.
A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the lovely Lucy (who if you don't know.. you definitely should) at Asos Headquarters asking if I'd like to spread the word about Coppafeel - A charity who are on a mission to stamp out late detection of breast cancer. 
When I found out that Asos have partnered with Coppafeel it made me feel all of the good things. Coppafeel are sending out such an important message and let's be real here... we're all regular ASOS hauler's over here in blogging land (haul on it's way) and the further the word spreads, the better! ASOS are putting a handy little label into all of their bra's as part of their #brahijack capmpaign to remind us gals to spend less than five minutes regularly checking our boobs and I for one think it's a great idea (plus I love allofthebra's.. check em out here). If you need even more reminding than that, you can head over here to the Coppafeel website where you can see some handy info on what you're looking for, and you can also sign up to their text reminder service! Easy Squeezy (pun intended)! 
So, in short, where I'm trying to go with this is basically just to tell you to give your boobs a good checkin'. Breast Cancer effects 1 in 8 of us women and an early detection can make the biggest difference.
I was lucky enough to be sent a little boob related goody pack featuring the most amaaaaazing smelling 'Perfectly Peachy' body and shower cream* which not only smells edible (probably not advised) but also has a handy diagram on the back showing you how to check yourself so that you can do the deed whilst you're in the shower in no time at all! Oh, and how awesome are those Wolf&Moon ear studs*? Right up my street! Oh, and I'm trying to find the right time do break out my 'I love boobs' mug... it'll certainly be a topic of conversation haha!
So then.. what are you waiting for? I expect you to be heading off for a little self exploration right about now ... meant in the least creepy way possible of course?
 On a more serious note, as much as I'm lolling at all of the boob talk, this is really important guys, and if you can do anything at all to help yourself out a little in this life then I think it's a really good idea that you do & that we all do. If you feel inspired to help spread the word then by all means please do, us girls have got to stick together after all!

In other news, I can't bloody wait for things to free up a little so I can get all up in your grills on a more regular basis but for now, you can always tweet me! Let me know how you are and what you've been up to! I'd love to know!
All of the love,
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