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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Summer Ready: Legs

So it seems to be that time of year again where us ladies decide that perhaps we should shave our legs more than once a month since we're more likely to be getting them out and about whether it be on holiday, or simply for a picnic in the park. Need summer ready legs ASAP? I've got you covered.

Exfoliation Is Your Friend: Personally, I've been reaching for this Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub* because it does an amazing job of exfoliating whilst also softening the skin. Oh.. and it smells like Heaven on Earth and I want to eat it. Like Mohito's? You'll love this. I'll be using this wonderproduct once or twice a week as it's not overly harsh but if you're looking for something more intense then I absolutely love the Mango Body Scrub from The Body Shop. I wouldn't use this more than once a week but then you wouldn't really need to as all scaliness will be removed!

Goodbye Hairy Mary: Now then, if you gals wanna keep your legs a little warmer and go without the shave then that's totally up to you but I for one will be finally making the effort again to get my pins hair free for summer. I'm not much of a razor snob and tend to grab the Soleil Bic ones as they do the job well and I've never had a problem with razor burn or random bleedy leg since using them. I always use a lathered up shower gel to shave with but I know that some people's legs are more sensitive, in which case, there's plenty of nice shaving gels and foams that you can pick up super cheap from Boots or Superdrug! 
I've had my legs waxed once before (not including that god awful time when I tried myself with wax strips and basically pulled my skin off instead) and I gotta say.. I do love the finish, but it's certainly something that benefits from repeat treatments and I guess I just got lazy.. oh.. and I hate having to 'let the hair grow' first. Not down with that.

Skin Perfecting: I have to say that in some respects I'm very lucky in that my legs aren't too troublesome in terms of stretch marks etc but they are covered in scars. If you're a regular over on my youtube channel then you might remember that time when I fell over in my room and scratched my upper thigh/bootay to within an inch of its life and well... It's scarred pretty badly and unfortunately, it's not the kind of scar that I can pass off as a shark bite and although I'm not overly fussed.. I think it would be nice if it never happened so I'm slapping on that Bio Oil like there's no tomorrow. Primark also do a really cool Skin Perfecting Body Lotion which somehow just makes everything look even and awesome so.. that's always worth a shot too!

Moisturising: This is something I've always been particularly bad at but oh boy have I found the best product for the job. The Burt's Bees Radiance Body Lotion is basically perfect skin in a bottle and of course that's something I can get down with. It's super moisturising without leaving any sticky residue on the skin and it soaks in within seconds. Something that I didn't think I'd enjoy is the slight shimmer that it has but I've actually grown to love it.. it makes my skin look radiant and sunkissed with no dry patches in sight. 

Getting Your Tan On: When it comes to tanning.. I'm not generally a fan as I totally love the look of pale skin on others.. on myself however, I find that having slightly more bronzed legs makes me feel a little more confident and it's probably jut me but I feel like it just makes their shape look better too.. SO.. if you're anything like me, gradual tan will be your friend and this Cocoa Brown gradual tan is something I've been reaching for on a regular basis over the last month. It builds tan evenly and slowly and doesn't have that weird biscuit smell so your secret's safe! I do still use a mitt to apply it as it can get a little patchy around the ankle if you don't buff it in evenly and to be honest I just prefer the application process with mitt in hand. 
If you're a regular with this tanning business then you might want to try out Fake Bake's range of tans. They all have excellent reviews and this one claims to be a 5 minute streak free mousse.. I'll get back to you on that.

Do you have any Summer legs tips? I'd love to hear them!



  1. The moment you have to shave your legs is just like 'why, please no' but they always feel amazing after! I seriously struggle with fake tan, I'd rather go outside and slap on factor 10000000000 because no to burning!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  2. I struggle so bad with stubble thanks for sharing these I will have a go with them..


  3. I can't get my legs out in the summer without a healthy layer (or five) of tan - I'm a big fan of Cocoa Brown too :)

    Claire | | xx

  4. Fabulous post, and just in time for summer!
    I always get annoyed with having to shave my legs every day (the struggles of a hairy girl...), but love having smooth gams!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  5. You should totally try Frank Body Coffee Scrub too! Soooo good although makes such a mess in the shower.

  6. I really need to make a greater effort to exfoliate before I shave!


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