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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Urban Outfitters A/W 15 Press Event

 Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Urban Outfitters A/W 15 press event. Jealous? I don't blame you.. I was almost jealous of myself. I'll be telling you nothing shocking by letting you in on the fact that I fell in love with basically every single item and am now guilty of counting down the days until I can wear coats and knitwear galore.
As always, the underwear was totally on point, with the addition of some pretty snazzy Calvin Klein's too (these were definitely a blogger fave as I saw a lot of ladies getting snap happy because of their existence.. guilty as charged.) I fell pretty much head over heels for every winter boot I came across but I think those Vagabonds probably came out on top and don't even get me started on that House of Holland denim skirt. I was having a conversation with the lovely Laura who was kind enough to show me around and we were both saying that until recently, denim skirts were just a no-go but after seeing so many people style them up, it had become another must-have purchase. (Side note: Yup.. that orange scarf IS as fluffy as it looks)
After swooning over more accessories (anything with some kind of stone/rock involved and I'm all over it) and falling in love with yet another heap of shoes (these come in black too. I know... I know) I found myself back perusing the rails of clothes to find more camel and burgandy than you can shake a stick at, lots of amazing winter textures and some pretty stand out pieces. Striped co-ords, fluffy coats and lots of denim whether it be shirts, skirts or dungarees made up a heavenly amount of their stock and shock horror.. I fell in love with another coat. I didn't manage to get an amazing 'blog worthy' image of it but if you head over to my instagram I just may have had to pop up a photo on there because, well.. you just need to see it.
I also had a gander around the menswear, partly so that I could mentally make a list of all of the things that I plan to dress my boyfriend in but also for myself. I do love how easy it is for us girls to dip in and out of menswear like it's made for us. I came across lots of cool and grungey pieces along with some sports and streetwear.. a real good mix of all the real good stuff. Boys? You're in for a goodun. I also found myself being immediately drawn to the most amazing shearling coat. It.Was.Heavenly. In fact, I ran into Rob from overdressed and underprepared (probs not on name shortening terms but whatevs, I'm wild like that) and after chatting about I don't even know what, he tried on the shearling coat himself. It looked good! (Still think it'd look better on me) Maybe I'll just convince my boyfriend to buy it in the hopes of stealing it at every opportunity.
Urban Outfitters and homeware: I can't even. It can't just be me that walks out of the shop with the entire shop in their hands after a walk around their homeware section. The wonderful 'After Light' candles were burning all around the event and they smelled just amazing - and looked pretty snazzy too! The idea of using those wire baskets as a table felt just perfect and of course, they were finished off with the stylist placement of a few cool books, some dreamy mugs and of course some headphones. Everything had that classic air of 'effortlessness' that just oozes from every single UO display I've ever seen and it makes me want to live in their shops/press rooms. How dreamy would that be? 
They also had a styling competition where you had to style an outfit and I think the winner won a voucher for UO : Ideal. I had a go and really enjoyed styling an outfit and having all of the displays to play with.. I really felt in my element! If you want to see what I put together then just click here. Now then.. don't you want every single item in that image? Me too. I don't actually know who won or even if they've picked a winner yet but I would urge whoever did/does win to buy that grey coat that I fell in love with.. and probably everything else too.



  1. UO candles were something I only discovered last Christmas but they have such an amazing range. I love them.

    Rachel |

  2. Oh my goodness the homewares, and those brown heels are gorgeous!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  3. Aww man this looks amazing! So this is where you were :D Love Urban Outfitters they do some awesome stuff :D xx

  4. I always shop menswear too! In fact, I'm wearing men's joggers from UO right this minute! I'm loving those satin (!) shoes and all the House of Holland stuff!


  5. Wow this all looks amazing, you must have been chuffed to be invited and go! I love Urban Outfitters homeware it's always so cool :D

    Ali :)

  6. Oooh deffo jealous! Love Urban Outfitters but it's so out of my price range :( last year my mama treated me to a few bits from there, a fab vintage tartan skirt that I just love and will never let go! And some other lovely bits to update my boring wardrobe haha! I bought a bra from UO once and it ended up being awful quality :/ I'm sure the CKs would be amazing though! xo
    amber love

  7. The homeware is so gorgeous!


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