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Thursday, 30 April 2015

DP Dresses The Nation

Dorothy Perkins are currently running a campaign called 'DP Dresses The Nation' whereby they commissioned some research into the nation's favourite dresses to find out which city was wearing which dress the most. They kindly contacted me to see if I wanted to take part by representing Birmingham and the maxi dress! Of course.. I said yes.
Since I'm somehow representing Birmingham on the DP site I thought I'd take you with me to my absolute favourite place to visit in old B town. Those of you that know me will know that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Birmingham as it's great for shopping, eating out and it's massive so there's always different places to go... but sometimes, it's just too much of a 'city' city. As I've grown older I've developed more of an appreciation for greenery, bird song and nature. (I know... I'm actually 24 not 84, whoudathunkit) There's lots of parks and recreational grounds in Birmingham but if you want the real deal, you're best off heading to The Botanical Gardens. My mom used to take me there as a child so that we could look at the animals, experience tropical plants and of course, so that I could have fun launching myself down the biggest slide known to man. Before that, her parents used to take her and my auntie, and I guess that somehow, it's become a little bit traditional to head there now and again and just take a deep breath in and appreciate the beautiful scenery. 
I'm a fan of maxi-dresses throughout all of the seasons whether it be a floaty summery number, or something more basic and jersey that can be worn with a chunky knit and boots. This baby however, is probably my new all-time fave... I'm so glad I came across it whilst browsing the DP dresses selection. It has a delicate lace back and shoulders and two seductive slits up the side.. I feel like I should be in a bond film or something. (Okay.. maybe that's a little far fetched but I'm pretty sure the dress belongs there even if I don't) I feel like it's super versatile and can be dressed up with heels and a clutch, or dressed down with some flats, a vintage leather jacket and a handy rucksack. The possibilities really are endless and to me? That's the sign of a worthwhile purchase!
To complete the look, I went for some nude and black ankle strap wedges.. it is Spring afterall! I thought that these were just the perfect shoe to pair with this dress: not overstated but equally beautiful enough to hold their own. Ooh, and they're super comfy too!
 I didn't even fall down any tree roots.. honest.
 Dorothy Perkins Maxi Dress* & Ankle Strap Wedges*

I had such a nice day wandering about in the sunshine (and ducking the occasional shower) whilst taking these photo's, and it was nice to feel kind of glamorous for a change. I'd actually wear this dress when the weather cools down too with some lace up chunky boots and maybe even a cropped knit and brown belt tied round the waist. And the shoes? The shoes are my new best friends too. I can't wait to wear them out for cocktails and dinner when the weather gets a little warmer and if I manage to go on holiday this year, you can pretty much guarantee that both of these beauties will be the first things in my case.

What's your favourite kind of dress, and how would you style this maxi?




  1. I just love your dress, especially the back


  2. Super cute dress. The detail in the back is really lovely.

    Rachel |

  3. That dress is absolutely gorgeous, I love how you've styled it. The back is just beautiful! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  4. Oh my gosh girl you could TOTALLY be a Bond girl!


  5. Ah wow totally rocking this dress girl!

    Story Of A Girl

  6. These are such gorgeous photos and you look stunning in that dress! The surroundings are lovely the bridge is so pretty. I used a lot of adjectives in this comment. xx

  7. That dress has got such a gorgeous back. I went to Birmingham Uni and I'm kicking myself for never getting to the botanical gardens, especially considering they were literally around the corner! x

  8. Looking so so fab Ally! These photos are gawwwwjusss too!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  9. Gorgeous pictures! Love the dark dress and surrounded by greenery and nature <3 x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  10. Damn gurl that dress!
    You look incredible and I love the Botanical Gardens, they look like such a stunning place to visit. We should go when I come and visit and totally go on the huge slide because we're blatantly mature adults :) xo
    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  11. You look gorgeous in that dress ally! <3
    I love the details on the sleeve and the sheer flowy fabric of the dress. I wouldnt have survived walking around tree roots in those shoes, so props to you!
    They are really nice shoes!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

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