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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Perfect Bold Lip

So I don't mean to sound dramatic here but.. I think I've found the products that make the perfect bold lip duo. To some, this may not be suitable for all occasions but I don't feel like there is one person who could not rock this look for some occasion or another ( doing the ironing... anyone?) Find me a bold lip and I'll find any excuse, but find me one as visually pleasing as this and.. well.. I guess I write a blog post about it? Oh, and guess what.. It's all drugstore.. so you can keep your pennies too.
 So first we have to talk about the lipstick. I'm donning the beautiful 'Liya's' red from the L'oreal Colour Riche Exlusive range which you may have seen in my Drugstore Beauty Haul video and as expected.. it's beautiful. It has an incredibly velvety formula, which is not drying in the slightest despite the fact that its matte, and is the most beautiful shade of red I think I've laid my eyes on. 
But that wasn't enough.
I also picked up the 'Sexy Mother Plucker Extreme Plump XL' gloss from Soap & Glory on a bit of a whim the other day. It was the classic '3 for 2' in Boots and I needed to repurchase my trusty Archery brow pencil and this kind of came along with me too. I've never tried a lip plumper before and I'm not particularly bothered increasing the size of my lips apart from when the top one kind of disappears when I smile leaving me with gummy grin.. Sooo Yeah.
So here's the deal: this lip plumping gloss is not for the faint hearted. They'll tingle.. they'll buzz.. they'll almost feel like they don't exist anymore.. but it's totally worth it.. right? In terms of plumping ability, I have nothing to compare it to, but it definitely made a difference. My lips weren't Kim K huge, but they were damn close and given that all I'd done is put a gloss on? I think that's pretty insane. Oh, and it solved my gummy smile issue as my lip was then big enough to not disappear entirely. Awesome.
Now, add that as a coat over your favourite lippy and you're left with the the most sickeningly luscious lips that have ever existed. Even if this gloss did no plumping action I'd love it purely for it's shiny glossy goodness but yeah, it does so much more than that.
Product of dreams? I think so.

Oh, and you can pick up this duo for a mind blowing total of £16.99

You're welcome




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