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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Haters Gonna Hate

Hey friends! Todays post is a little different from usual, and I just wanted to share it on here as well as my youtube channel.. just so that it got maximum exposure I suppose.. To cut a long story short, I experienced a bit of instagram hate when I was put on a brand's instagram and rather than being brought down by this, I was lifted up by all of the wonderful supportive comments, and tweets from you guys. I wanted to extend that support that I received to everyone who may have experienced something similar, and to thank those that supported me.

Thank you Nancy, Thank you Rhyanna, Thank you Arianwin, Thank you Lauren, Thank you Jem, Thank you Laura, Thank you Emily, Thank you Gee, Thank you Kylie, Thank you Saida, Thank you Lizzy, Thank you Holly, Thank you Elle, Thankyou LJ, Thank you Lindsay Thank you Ally, Thank you Alice, Thank you Charlotte, Thank you Samantha, Thank you Phillipa, Thank you Sundra
And of course Thank YOU, for watching, reading and supporting. 
I've got your back.



  1. All the positive feels! BIG love x

  2. So I got emosh, and everything you've said has hit a cord with me. You really dealt with the situation well, and you always have my back girl - you are a gorgeous girl who deserves so much, and you look amazing all the time, there's so much more to you than what those others negative ninnies are showing. LOVE YOU GIRL!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

    1. Ahhh thank you so so so much Lauren!! You're such a babe D:

  3. Really sad that people feel the need to bring others down to feel better about themselves. There is something inherently wrong when you can't be pleased for someone else Lucy x

  4. Aint nothing that can be done about haters... They will always hate regardless. focus on yourself and who you truly are, this is the only way to beat them.
    Have a wonderful weekend


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