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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Sun's In The Sky, It's Warming Up Your Bare Legs

Oh Hey! Before you scroll down and see my naked and bare legs and think I've gone some sort of insane.. hear me out first: The other morning when I woke up, the sky was the lovliest shade of blue.. the shade that really warms all your emotions into happy ones.. y'know? And there wasn't a breeze to be felt or heard. It really got me into the mindset of spring and I thought I'd test the water with a bare leg/bulky boot combo! 
Okay, you got me.. it was a little chilly.. but I've certainly endured worse! It did make me realise how pasty my legs are though so I'll be grateful when a few sun beams can shine down on these badboys.
Yep, I just referred to my legs as badboys and no.. I won't do it again.
I've been wanting to show you this Zara knit for ages. It was one of those unplanned purchases that happened when I had more than about 2p in my bank account.(Missing those days) I love the cut & shape of it as it's super cosy, still slouchy - which is the most important feature of a garment in my opinion - but also doesn't look scruffy. I mean, I love scruffy.. but sometimes it's not appropriate is it. 
I paired it with a bit of an odd selection of items so feel free to let me know if you think I've completely fallen off my rocker in the comments below. I picked up this 'body shaper' dress thing in Primark a while ago as I thought it might be useful to spread out the cake across my whole body as apposed to it hanging around firmly by my belly button like they're pals. After getting it home though, I decided that I absolutely loved the neckline and was trying to figure out a way of wearing it as an outerwear piece that wasn't 'slutty slut slut' and was a more subtle way of showing what ma mamma gave me. (If you read this Mom.. I can only apologise for that comment.) 
I chucked on this crochet knit that I picked up on Asos about fifty years ago and thought - 'job's a goodun'!
Zara Cardigan, River Island Jumper, Topshop Boots, Primark Body Sculptor

Okay so in retrospect.. I think that at this point in the year.. I should probably go ahead and add a pair of tights but whaddayagonnado. You may/may not have noticed, but I've also opted for wearing my hair straighter some of the time. It never goes 'straight' exactly and boy does that take me back to my teenage years. Good job I'm not too bothered about the poker straight look anymore! I'm not sure if I like it though.. I mean sometimes I like it and other times it just looks like someone has gathered all of the fluffy dog hairs off the carpet and attached them into my head. Where's them sleek locks at? I guess I'm destined to be a scruff forever!

Have you ever done the whole underwear as outerwear thing?



  1. Ahhh favourite flipping song ever! I feel like I say that every post :P I love the knit it's so gorgeous and you're rocking the bare legs. I still can't pull myself out of Primark Cosy tights :P xx

    1. Aha it's such a good song isn't it!!!
      Ahh most of my days are spent living in those tights haha, I'm ready for it to be spring now! Xx

  2. Bloody great song!
    Absolutely love this outfit, that knit is fab. I'm not brave enough for bare legs yet but I'm hoping it will warm up enough soon. Good knows mine need a bit of sun - I currently glow in the dark and have had to declare myself a danger to passing motorists. xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style


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