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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Style Trial: Pale Wash Denim

It's been a decent while since I did a style trial posts and this one is about something that I've always been a bit unsure of how to style.. the pale wash denim. So many people pull it off so well and with it being the beginning of all things Spring/Summer, I felt like maybe it was time to dip my toe in the pool.
So, when the babes at Primark HQ got in touch asking if I'd like to receive a pair of their brand new jeans, I was of course all up in their grills with a big smile on my face, and thought that this would be a great way to face my fears and test out their new range, all in one go. Perfect!
So here's the low down:
On Monday, Primark launched a brand new denim range with a new look, new fit and new feel. Their new collection has all of the fits you'd expect, from jeggings to flares, rips to boot cut, the classic skinny and coming soon, the girlfriend fit - a slightly slimmer version of the boyfriend fit. I'll definitely be all over these when they come out, with the highest priced jean being the fashion skinny at only £15. FIFTEEN. Okay, good, I'm glad we got that clear.
So I opted for the super high waisted jean in a super pale grey/blue mottled effect, and when they arrived I did a mini squeal of excitement. They're a great fit, great quality, and incredibly similar to a few other high street jeans I can think of, but at a quarter of the price. Literally... these bad boys come in at £10.
To me, the ultimate test of a decent garm is whether it can do day to night with ease and so as soon as they fell through my letterbox, I cracked on with putting these badboys to the test.

Primark Jeans*, H&M Top, Topshop Jacket, Nike Air Max 90's

Because I'm used to wearing all of the black things, I felt a bit weird with really pale legs but, I actually really like it! I styled them with this new leopard print top that I picked up a few weeks ago (My very first leopard item!) and a trusty black leather to try and grunge the look up a bit, and make it less girly.. job done.

So here's the thing.. I've never thought of wearing a pale wash for an evening look, but I guess that's because I'm so firmly set in autumn winter mode, that I'm not considering things like evening barbeques, drinks in pub gardens and if I'm lucky enough, the occasional garden party. 
Annnnnd now I want summer to hurry the hell up.
 To spruce the look up a bit, I added this jazzy sequin number that I picked up at a vintage fair in Birmingham about 6 years ago, and made it that little bit more formal with the addition of a black duster and some classic black heels. ( Which, as it turns out, are not the perfect 'garden party' accessory if that garden has decking.. just a friendly warning)
Primark Jeans*, Vintage Top, Topshop Duster Coat, Miscellaneous pile of things under my bed - shoes

 So after styling these jeans in two very different ways, I'm really happy with the results and will definitely be wearing these outfits again! More than this though, I'm really happy with the actual fit of the jean. I can be a bit funny with jeans, and have only ever found one store to produce denim that fits in the way I like, and even then it can be a bit iffy.. but these.are.the.dream. I'm serious. Even down to things like the length.. how are they the perfect length? and fit? and perfect amount of stretch? AT TEN POUNDS. 

Brb whilst I go and buy every single wash in the collection.. see you there?




  1. I love light denim, it's so fresh and great in the warmer months! Looking gawwwwwwwjus

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

    1. It certainly makes a nice change doesn't it!

  2. Those fit perfectly! I have a few pairs of light jeans, but they're not the most flattering on my just because I'm so short. Most importantly, I LOVE that sequin top! What a find!


    1. I feel the same way about the light jeans, I think its because I'm used to wearing black that's slimming.. trying to get used to it though!
      Aha I know, it's a beaut isn't it!

  3. Gorgeous photos!! I love the jeans

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. I need some new jeans. Definitely going to give Primark a try. Really like the evening look, the top is gorgeous!

    1. You really should! I'm definitely going to pop in and try on some of their other styles and fits! They're just so affordable!

  5. I love Primark jeans so I can't wait to check out their new styles and fits, I do find their sizing a bit up and down so hopefully this re-do will have sorted that out. Love the outfits, especially the first one.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Yeah I know what you mean, although I've had the same with Topshop before.. two jeans the same size that are clearly different lengths and waist sizes and everything.. always best to try on haha!

  6. Looking AMAZING, those jeans are fab, I can't believe the price.
    Love the evening look - also without sounding weird OMG I WANT YOUR LEGS. Glad we got that out of the way. xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style


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