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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Denim Days

 Guys, I think I may have made my favourite purchase OF ALL TIME. Maybe this feeling will wear off but seriously, I'm just all kinds of in love with this denim playsuit from Zara. Denim's going to be HUGE this season as I'm sure you all already know, and after lusting after that Alexa Chung dress, and still not purchasing that Miss Selfridge alternative, I found this baby waiting patiently for me in Zara at the weekend. It's technically a Birthday Present from my Mom and so I shouldn't really be wearing it yet but I just couldn't resist. It's a weird one really cause it's not like I don't know that I look like an toddler in a denim babygrow.. I know it, I'm just embracing it instead of running from it.
This little shopping trip was originally just meant to be popping to the shops to grab ingredients for a Birthday cake that I made for my boyfriend. (If you didn't see it, you can check it out on my instagram here) but y'know.. these things happen. I also accidentally on purpose fell into H&M and made another serious dent in my Birthday money - worth it though. One of the things I picked up was another packet of silver rings - midi's and all sorts. I loved these ones because the pack contained a few of the 'hammered' silver rings and they're something I'm really digging at the moment. That.. and the fact that I'm certain you can never have too many basic silver rings.. right?
Zara Playsuit, Topshop Boots, H&M Rings

If you want to see some of the other things I picked up on my little 'pre-Birthday' shopping trip then I'll be uploading a haul video soon over on my youtube channel. There's SO many good things so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss it!

Have you thought about how you're going to be rocking denim this season? I haven't ventured into the land of flares yet but I can tell that it's going to happen pretty soon!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to all those who have followed from the start, right through to my most recent follower. It's got to the point now where there's too many of you viewing this little internet space for me to put it down to just me and my mom refreshing the page every five seconds, and that idea is completely insane to me. 
If I add up all of my social channels, there's over two and a half thousand of you that like to read my stupid thoughts, listen to my stupid voice or look at my stupid face and THAT ladies and gents, is just weird. That being said, I like that you're weird, cause I'm weird too and it feels like we're all in some sort of mutually weird gang and I bloody love it and I bloody love you.



Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Sun's In The Sky, It's Warming Up Your Bare Legs

Oh Hey! Before you scroll down and see my naked and bare legs and think I've gone some sort of insane.. hear me out first: The other morning when I woke up, the sky was the lovliest shade of blue.. the shade that really warms all your emotions into happy ones.. y'know? And there wasn't a breeze to be felt or heard. It really got me into the mindset of spring and I thought I'd test the water with a bare leg/bulky boot combo! 
Okay, you got me.. it was a little chilly.. but I've certainly endured worse! It did make me realise how pasty my legs are though so I'll be grateful when a few sun beams can shine down on these badboys.
Yep, I just referred to my legs as badboys and no.. I won't do it again.
I've been wanting to show you this Zara knit for ages. It was one of those unplanned purchases that happened when I had more than about 2p in my bank account.(Missing those days) I love the cut & shape of it as it's super cosy, still slouchy - which is the most important feature of a garment in my opinion - but also doesn't look scruffy. I mean, I love scruffy.. but sometimes it's not appropriate is it. 
I paired it with a bit of an odd selection of items so feel free to let me know if you think I've completely fallen off my rocker in the comments below. I picked up this 'body shaper' dress thing in Primark a while ago as I thought it might be useful to spread out the cake across my whole body as apposed to it hanging around firmly by my belly button like they're pals. After getting it home though, I decided that I absolutely loved the neckline and was trying to figure out a way of wearing it as an outerwear piece that wasn't 'slutty slut slut' and was a more subtle way of showing what ma mamma gave me. (If you read this Mom.. I can only apologise for that comment.) 
I chucked on this crochet knit that I picked up on Asos about fifty years ago and thought - 'job's a goodun'!
Zara Cardigan, River Island Jumper, Topshop Boots, Primark Body Sculptor

Okay so in retrospect.. I think that at this point in the year.. I should probably go ahead and add a pair of tights but whaddayagonnado. You may/may not have noticed, but I've also opted for wearing my hair straighter some of the time. It never goes 'straight' exactly and boy does that take me back to my teenage years. Good job I'm not too bothered about the poker straight look anymore! I'm not sure if I like it though.. I mean sometimes I like it and other times it just looks like someone has gathered all of the fluffy dog hairs off the carpet and attached them into my head. Where's them sleek locks at? I guess I'm destined to be a scruff forever!

Have you ever done the whole underwear as outerwear thing?


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Birthday Wish List

From left to right:
BLK DNM Black Suede Cropped Jacket (swoon), Husam El Odeh Gold Dip Pencil Necklace, Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, A.P.C Blue Denim Belted Nancy Dress, Frends Gold Taylor Headphones, BLK DNM Leather Ribbed Knee Trousers, BLK DNM White Tank 16, Maria Black Silver Monocle Ring, Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Ecstasy, MV Organic Skincare Rose Plus, Alexander Wang Black Leather Cara Boots, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, BLK DNM Black Cropped Leather Jacket 1

 So the countdown has begun.. In one week exactly I will be the grand old age of 24 and still feel as hopeless as a two year old. Help me? The one thing that I'm not dreading about this birthday however, is the opportunity to treat myself on some '24 year old worthy' clothes. (Note: This may not be a thing and may just have been something I've made up to make it okay to spend all of of the pounds on beautiful items for myself without any guilt but that's okay.)
Over the last year or so, I've found that I'm more interested in investing in timeless high quality pieces, rather than having to repurchase ALL of my shoes at the same time because the sole has disappeared on every single one of them. Don't get me wrong here, I'm still all about the bargains and high street prices but, sometimes, it just feels good to get that real leather jacket.. that you know will last your life.. am I right?
I've created this wishlist in collaboration with Avenue 32 and am hoping that some of the fam pop by for some birthday present related inspo as I'm basically in love with everything on this wish list post. It was important to me to create a wearable outfit, and to pick things that are really versatile. I've found that where I used to buy one random item that didn't go with anything else in my wardrobe, I've now taken to buying with outfits and style ideas in mind.. Maybe I am growing up after all? Whilst browsing lustfully through Avenue 32, I came across the designer BLK DNM and basically fell in love. Black leather jackets, effortlessly flowing tee's, suede, and a bit of ribbed knee action...The clothing just screams out to my inner 'rock goddess' and makes me think I should buy everything they offer and then ride off into the sunset on a motorbike with a guitar strapped to my back.
 I've been after the perfect leather jacked for what feels like a lifetime,and when browsing the web, I opted for the cropped version instead of the full length. It was a tough decision, but I just think that it's super flattering, and let's be honest. It's just cool, isn't it? I was also significantly won over by the suede jacket so y'know, I wouldn't say no to either (or both). I swatched the CT blush on a recent trip into town and just feel like it would bring a perfect pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit, and don't even get me started on those AW boots: Swoon.

 Do you like this style of post? I'm always adding to my lust lists over on pinterest so it would be easy for me to blog them if you like it!
What would you be most happy to recieve from this list?



Thursday, 19 February 2015

Style Trial: Pale Wash Denim

It's been a decent while since I did a style trial posts and this one is about something that I've always been a bit unsure of how to style.. the pale wash denim. So many people pull it off so well and with it being the beginning of all things Spring/Summer, I felt like maybe it was time to dip my toe in the pool.
So, when the babes at Primark HQ got in touch asking if I'd like to receive a pair of their brand new jeans, I was of course all up in their grills with a big smile on my face, and thought that this would be a great way to face my fears and test out their new range, all in one go. Perfect!
So here's the low down:
On Monday, Primark launched a brand new denim range with a new look, new fit and new feel. Their new collection has all of the fits you'd expect, from jeggings to flares, rips to boot cut, the classic skinny and coming soon, the girlfriend fit - a slightly slimmer version of the boyfriend fit. I'll definitely be all over these when they come out, with the highest priced jean being the fashion skinny at only £15. FIFTEEN. Okay, good, I'm glad we got that clear.
So I opted for the super high waisted jean in a super pale grey/blue mottled effect, and when they arrived I did a mini squeal of excitement. They're a great fit, great quality, and incredibly similar to a few other high street jeans I can think of, but at a quarter of the price. Literally... these bad boys come in at £10.
To me, the ultimate test of a decent garm is whether it can do day to night with ease and so as soon as they fell through my letterbox, I cracked on with putting these badboys to the test.

Primark Jeans*, H&M Top, Topshop Jacket, Nike Air Max 90's

Because I'm used to wearing all of the black things, I felt a bit weird with really pale legs but, I actually really like it! I styled them with this new leopard print top that I picked up a few weeks ago (My very first leopard item!) and a trusty black leather to try and grunge the look up a bit, and make it less girly.. job done.

So here's the thing.. I've never thought of wearing a pale wash for an evening look, but I guess that's because I'm so firmly set in autumn winter mode, that I'm not considering things like evening barbeques, drinks in pub gardens and if I'm lucky enough, the occasional garden party. 
Annnnnd now I want summer to hurry the hell up.
 To spruce the look up a bit, I added this jazzy sequin number that I picked up at a vintage fair in Birmingham about 6 years ago, and made it that little bit more formal with the addition of a black duster and some classic black heels. ( Which, as it turns out, are not the perfect 'garden party' accessory if that garden has decking.. just a friendly warning)
Primark Jeans*, Vintage Top, Topshop Duster Coat, Miscellaneous pile of things under my bed - shoes

 So after styling these jeans in two very different ways, I'm really happy with the results and will definitely be wearing these outfits again! More than this though, I'm really happy with the actual fit of the jean. I can be a bit funny with jeans, and have only ever found one store to produce denim that fits in the way I like, and even then it can be a bit iffy.. but these.are.the.dream. I'm serious. Even down to things like the length.. how are they the perfect length? and fit? and perfect amount of stretch? AT TEN POUNDS. 

Brb whilst I go and buy every single wash in the collection.. see you there?



Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Baby Don't Mess Around

So let me just break this down for you, (now don't have me break this thing down for nothin') ((10 points to all those who are now singing  along with me)) - I'm in love, with a shop. And that shop ladies and gentlemen, is Cos. Hands up who guessed already? I picked up this dress/top/strange baggy pocketed goodness of a garm on a recent trip into town and I.Just.Love.It.
 I wore this outfit for a day of events and shopping in London last week and it was literally perfect. As I'm sure you already know, I've had a little love affair with this Primark mac as of recent, so that was ideal, as per and this asos scarf/cape/blanket/tobbaccoey goodness has been saving my life as of recent. It's the perfect thing to wear when the weather can't decide what the hell it's doing as it keeps you really warm if you're not wearing enough layers - which I never am (unless of course its summer and then I wear too many layers) I'll admit that I took my trusty trainers along for the ride cause who can be running round London in heeled boots ALLDAY? Well, certainly not me. So all in all, an outfit well planned I think!
Cos Dress, Asos Scarf, Topshop Boots & Necklace, Primark Coat

I also went all out and vlogged the whole thing. WhoamI? So, if you fancy a bit of a perv in on my day, then you can catch that below:

Big Love as always



Saturday, 14 February 2015

Get Ready With Me: Date Night

Happy Valentines Day Everybody!!
I've been waiting to wear this dress for what feels like fifty years and when the excuse finally came around, there was no way I was passing it up - even if I have put on about a thousand stone since I originally bought it and can no longer breathe or walk or sit in it. 
My boyfriend is away with work this weekend and so rather that not see him, I've come along for the ride, spending the days whilst he's out pampering myself to the nines, (thanks to my boyfriends generous booking of a full body massage, candles and face masks galore!) and when he's back, we're spending the time appreciating being away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham, eating all of the foods (I'll fit into you again one day dress.. I promise) and generally enjoying each others company.
We didn't want to dine out on Valentines day itself as it'd be busy, expensive and kind of unnecessary, but we went out last night for the most divine tapas of my life ( and the Sangria.. ohhh the Sangria.) It was a beautiful little place called La Perla in the heart of Bath.. if you're ever around the vacinity, I'd basically be offended if you didn't go on my behalf.
Topshop Dress & Heels

I opted for a simple lip (see detailed tutorial here) and plenty of glitter on the eye - Any excuse.
I also filmed my first Get Ready With Me video, so if you wanted to check out the transformation from wild boar to slightly more acceptable female, then you can watch that below!

What are you doing this Valentines weekend?
Whatever you're doing, I hope you have a great time!



Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Perfect Valentines Lip

I don't know about you, but this Valentines Day, I'm not sure that I'm going to rock a classic red lip. (Which is strange really, cause I'm all about the red lips) Recently I've been experimenting with all things nude and pinky and I've fallen a little bit in love. Occasionally I'll dab a little highlighter into the middle of my lips to make them look a little bit more full and plump, and I've been really getting into the 'ombre lip' shebang. If you don't know what I mean by this, you basically fill the corners of your lips with a darker colour and blend that into a lighter colour in the center. The idea is that your lips will look more '3D' and luscious than ever before. I filmed a little tutorial for the lip look that I'm considering going for so if you're interested, you can watch that below!

Let me know what you think, It would be great to get some feedback!
What lip will you be wearing this valentines day?



Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wonderful Megs

On Saturday I drove into town for the first time in what feels like forever. I don't really go in that much anymore - opting to go to smaller shopping centers or restaurants and when I do,its usually with my boyfriend and he normally drives (what can I say... I'm obviously a lady of leisure). It's funny, you can completely overlook somewhere that's so close to you so easily, and whereas normally I'm all 'Oh god, get me home already' this time it was a little different, and that'll be down to the fact that I met up with Megs from Wonderful You and she introduced me to the best meal I've ever had. (If you're interested, it was a crispy duck salad from the chinese place in Selfridges.. Yes I know it's a salad but seriously you need to try it. )
So as I'm sure you're already aware, Megs is basically the most visually pleasing thing to grace this planet so I thought that I should make a bit of an effort to make my basic outfit look a little bit more considered and so I went for the most amazing Topshop boots I got in the sale about fifty years ago - Weird thing though... they're toeless boots, and I'm wearing tights.. right? But I thought, whatever, I'm gonna rock it. This lasted all of about ten minutes until I pulled up to get petrol and noticed a hole in my tights on my big toe.. what with that, and the fact that they were extremely uncomfortable to drive in, I caved and slipped my feet into my trusty air max (and didn't look back until outfit photo's were taking place) so just try and imagine this outfit with some beaut heeled boots and I might look a little better?
Vintage Coat, Topshop Skirt & Necklace, H&M Top & Rings, Nike Air Max 90's
All photos taken by Megs

Megs kindly took these photos for me and persevered through my inability to stop smiling goofily or waving my arms around, what a babe. It was pretty cool to get some shots done somewhere other than in by garden - even if I haven't quite figured out how to hide my worst angles when someone else is holding the camera. What do you think of the photo backdrop? Would you like to see more shots in different places, or do you like the consistency of me using the same place? Let me know, I'd love to know what you think!

Aside from leaving town feeling even poorer, I also left feeling totally full from duck and strawberry milkshakes, my face ached a little from laughing and I felt thoroughly thankful for the blogging world for allowing me to hang out with someone that turned out to be even more of a babe than I'd thought possible.

What did you get upto at the weekend?


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Guess Who's Back

You may already be familiar with this hella sick vintage leather jacket, and if you are, that means you've been around these ends for a decent while, in which case, congrats! (& thank you, much) If you're not familiar with it, then I'd probably advise not scrolling back through the dawn of time to find it... I was a lot more awkward and everything had a brown background. Well, I warned ya.
I used to wear a lot of vintage stuff.. one of pieces and unusual finds.. I had a weird sense of style that no-one seemed to be able to put their finger on (I asked.. many people) and I liked it.Then I started working at Topshop.
Soon my wardrobe was bursting at the seams (and falling off the wall) with Topshop items. It was sick, don't get me wrong, and I still love a good Toppers purchase but, having a little time away from it, has really allowed me to fall back in love with some of my original wardrobe.. Lets call it 'the pre-toppers selection' 
I used to wear shorts all through the year, when it was snowing, raining, hailing or boiling and I'd kinda forgotten how much a trusty pair of fleece lined tights can open up a whole new wardrobe to you.
As for the tee.. I don't know if it's just me but I think a little part of me dies if I ever buy a band tee from a high street store.. but in my defence, I was in Mexico at the time, the fit was great and it looked good with a tan.. sold.
It's still one of my favourite tee's a year on and I can't wait to whack it out at all oportunities.
Sun's Out Gun's Out.
(speaking of guns, I have been working on my arms so come summer, they'll look less like a chubby cocktail sausage.. one can dream at least I guess)
Vintage Jacket, Bershka Top, Topshop Shorts, H&M Belt, New Look Boots

Do you wear much vintage? I can't get enough of the stuff!


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