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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Style Trial: Interview Appropriate

Hey guys!
First off I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope you spent your evening however you felt right for you - whether that be partying the night away, getting comfy in your pajamas or just sleeping through the whole thing.
I thought it might be a good time to pop up this outfit post as around this time of year, people make decisions about the person they want to be for the next 365 days... how often they stick to it is another thing but God loves a trier. 
Some of you might be thinking about a career move, and if so, and you get an interview somewhere, perhaps you'll be clueless as to what to wear? I know I was when I had one a few weeks ago. 
I've been eager to progress in some respect for what seems like a million years so, when I got an interview at somewhere so sick.. I was super excited - then nervous - then had the classic 'I have nothing to wear' breakdown. 
The usual. 
Anyway,  perhaps this will help you get some inspo for any interviews you've got coming up?
Obviously it depends what kind of job you're going for, as I wouldn't have worn this little get up for a carpentry job, but for this particular interview I think it was appropriate and.. a red lip certainly makes us girls feel a little more confident, am I right? 

The bag was another one of those random Topshop sale beauties, reduced from £60 to something like £3... sometimes working in a shop can have it's perks! It's a bit weird in that it's the stiffest bag I've ever come across.. but it's pretty hard wearing and was perfect for this situation as I could fit my mac in it and blog on the go! I also picked up this coat when it was in offer, I think it's probably gone down even further now... but anyway, I obviously needed another coat to add to my coat collection.
- thought you might like to know that half of my wardrobe fell OUT of my wall the other day due to the sheer weight of all of my coats. Fantastic.

 Forever 21 Dress, Topshop Shirt, Coat, Bag & Boots

 How successful the outfit was in getting me the job is yet to be seen, but, if I'm to take one thing from this situation, it's that I really can wear a shirt under any dress..

What are you hoping to change this year?

 Big love, as always




  1. Ooh Good Luck and hope you get the job! Im always stuck with what to wear to interviews, this looks great though. Love the coat as well, although you really didn't need any more haha :P
    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Thanks Emma!
      Haha, you say that, but it's BLUE.. I didn't have a blue one!

  2. Hope you get the job honey! If I was interviewing you I'd certainly give it you based on how fabulous that outfit is, and also for the beauty that is that coat :) xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  3. oh you look so good in this outfit! adore your hair too

    from helen at

    1. Thanks so much Helen! It's due a good trim haha!


  4. Happy New Year. I hate interviews and finding the right look so you look the part but are comfortable is actually quite hard. This is a lovely outfit Lucy x

    1. Happy New Year to you too Lucy!
      And thankyou!!


  5. Amazing outfit. If I was interviewing someone and they came in wearing that I'd be impressed! I hope the interview worked out for you!

    Katie || K NEL xx


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