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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Beauty Battle #1

So I had somewhat of a 'brainwave' the other day... (Yes this is what counts as a brainwave for me.) and I came up with a little idea for some new beauty posts over here in Blunderland. I'm not sure whether this will be fortnightly or monthly but basically the idea is that I'll pick two products that are meant to do a similar thing and play them off against each other in a vicious and ferocious beauty battle.
So basically I'll compare them.
I thought it might be a nice way of getting some reviews in that are quick and easy to read with a clear purpose, as I tend to ramble but you already know that.
This weeks battle is as follows:
Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush V Mac 217 Brush
Appearance: The Mac 217 is pretty standard looking as brushes go.. it's got a black wooden handle and silver detailing, and the brush itself is comprised of many densely packed cream fibres in a fluffly little oval shape. The Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender however is a work of pure beauty. It's crimson wooden handle and rose gold detailing make it look that little bit more luxury and the handle is shaped so that it doesn't just roll of the table like many other brushes do... CT wins this round.
Price Point: The Mac 217 comes in at £19 whereas The Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender is a little more expensive at £25.
Does What It Says On The Tin?:Okay so here's the deal. Both brushes are great at what they do, they both blend shadows effortlessly, are perfect for placing a little pocket of colour into the crease and they both pick up and displace product like a dream.  But here's the difference; unlike the Mac 217, the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender is not only your perfect partner for blending and loosely dusting prime shades over the lid.. but it can also displace product in the most definitive of ways.. whilst still remaining soft around the edges - so no scary shadow lines here! If you're looking to get that beautifully angled smokey eye, CT's your gal. Sorry Mac, but you just missed out this time.

Which product do you think would win for you?
Do you like the idea of regular 'beauty battle' posts?
Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I **need** that CT brush. Like actually need it. Think it will have to be purchased on our Manchester trip tbh, I don't think I can last much longer without it ;) xo

    1. I think that you do need it. And I understand that need. AHH I CAN'T FRIGGIN WAIT. xx

  2. I love the beauty battle idea! Also, have you tired the Zoeva 227? I love it!

    Jess | Pretty Chit Chat

    1. Ahh thanks so much Jess I'm glad you like it! I haven't yet but I'm going to try them ALL because I obviously need them! xx

  3. Love this Ally. It's great to see a side by side comparison.

    1. Awh thankyou so much! I was hoping it would be useful so I hope it has been! xx

  4. I never knew that CT did brushes, I need to try this out. I heard that the Zoeva 227 and a Sigma brush is similar to these brushes too x

    1. Yessss CT is the queen of basically everything it seems haha! Mmm so many brushes to try! I've heard the zoeva one's are great so that'l be next on my list!

  5. I'm having a super hard time choosing between these 2 brushes, but the problem solved. Thanks you for making this review! I'm gonna buy CT brush next week x


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