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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Style Trial: Double Denim

I've always thought that the key to 'double denim' was to rock two completely opposing shades.. so it doesn't seem like you're trying to be all 'matchy matchy'. 
I still think that, however, somewhere along the line of me getting ready for work one morning, that didn't quite go to plan...
 Firstly, we have to consider that I'm getting ready at like 6am.. which if you haven't seen that side of the morning in a while, is pretty much pitch black this time of year. So point one: it's hard for me to see. (Yes I know I can put the light on but it's still pretty hard to fully open my eyes at that time in the morning so...)
I also felt a little.. I don't know how to say this without sounding like a moody teenager but, 'not bovved' in the slightest. Sometimes I think that attitude is a little necessary to pull of an outfit that otherwise you'd be a little unsure of. 
I'm wearing all of the denimz with a new -flinch- blouse.. that I bought from work. Did I tell you I've handed my notice in and am planning to move to the big city come January? (yeah.. help?)
I've applied for a job in an office ( more deets if I actually get the job!) and felt like my usual ripped jeans and slouchy jumper might not pass in such a place.. so.. it's good to be prepared right! I thought I'd get use out of said blouse in a more typicAlly way as i might not end up in the office after all and it's good to try and wear things in different ways, right? It's more than a little low cut and I've seen others wear a little strappy top underneath to help keep some of their dignity but for me - on this day - I pretty much didn't notice until I was at work and by that point, my 'risque' attire was with me for the day so - might as well act like it's deliberate right? A way to get the customers in? 
Shame on me.
Topshop Hat, Jacket, Blouse, Jeans. Nike Air Max 90's 

The hat is also a purchase from work that genuinely came about because it was so incredibly cold that I couldn't work any longer without wool around my ears. The doors are broke so they're constantly open and I've had the flu for what feels like a million years so it was a vital purchase. 'Cover up your chest' I can hear you yell... and well yes that's a very good point, didn't think I could get away with wearing a scarf too unfortunately. 

How do you wear double denim? Or do you tend to avoid?
Hope you've all managed to avoid fluey vibes unlike me!




  1. You're rocking the double denim girl ;) (Lets pretend I didn't just type that as demin and look at if for about 10 minutes trying to work out why it didn't look right...)
    Also congrats on the move!! I'm planning on doing the same next year once I find a job down there to go to, but it turns out that getting a marketing job without a degree really isn't all that easy! Maybe we'll be tearing up London together this time next year! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  2. This outfit is my ideal kinda outfit - I live in beanie hats :) That's so exciting you are moving to London - you will love it!!! xx

  3. I used to dodge the double denim but now in the summer I can be seen in a denim skirt and jacket. This is a great look and love the beanie. Cool you are moving to London Lucy x

  4. You look awesome in the double denim! There is definitely a time when it works and you have nailed it! I love the beanie as well! Love the typicALLY pun as well :P xx

  5. You're definitely rocking that double denim! Looks awesome in a totally effortless way. I think the added red from the top helps to break it up so you don't notice al the denim. You look lovely as well, love the lip colour.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  6. I've never worn double denim but I think your outfit works really well because your jeans are black rather than blue. Great shoes, I have the same ;) so comfy!
    City Cookie x


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