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Friday, 5 December 2014

Mini High-End Beauty Haul

So I've been on a bit (read: lot) of a beauty binge recently. The best kind no? 
I've picked up an array of drugstore products which you'll see popping up soon over on my youtube channel, but I've also invested in a couple of more high end products.. cause well : Christmas.


 Bobbi Brown | Old Holywood Eye Pallette
Could this palette be any more beautiful? (Answer:No)
It's a perfect combination of shimmers and mattes all with equally impressive colour payoff. The mattes make a great base for a smokey eye and the shimmers add that little something extra. Having said that, I don't feel too dolled up with the shimmers all over the lid, they're still very wearable in the day! I picked this palette partly because of how beautiful it is(obvs) but also because of the super wearable colours. I've already got a lot of use out of this badboy and I expect this to be one of my faves - especially over the festive period!

Bobbi Brown | Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Bronze
Now then this sleek little shadow stick is a bit of a game-changer for me. I've always been a little, I don't know.. against shadow sticks? I know, it's weird.. but hear me out. The whole, awkwardly thick formula, creasing after five minutes nightmare has just always stuck solidly in my mind. It has recently come to my attention that I was clearly just using the wrong formula. I gave in to the hype purely because they're everywhere at the moment. (I know, I'm like the textbook consumer) Laura Mercier for one has some absolutely beautiful shades. Anyway, back to the situation in hand. I've been completely won over by this product, not only because of it's perfect resting point in between bronze and gold, but the formula is rich and creamy, lasts all day and doesn't crease.. and as if that wasn't enough, it takes all of about five seconds to apply. Swoon.

Mac | 217 Makeup Brush
Okay so I already know what you're all thinking. You've all already got like ten of these, have been using them for years and this small staple item in your makeup stash is something that you assume everybody else also already owns ten of. Well, you're probably 98% right. However I'm open to admitting that I was one of those people that must be stupid or walking round with my eyes shut because up until now I have never owned a Mac 217 brush. 
I know.
What a sin.
I'm happy to report that giving in to the hype in this case has proved to be one of the best decisions I've made. (Okay, maybe not ever, but certainly best makeup brush decision I've ever made.)
I'm sure you all know the deal by now but for the minority of you that don't (Nope? Just me then?) this brush basically makes you're life better. It's soft bristles glide effortlessly over the crease blending out various eyeshadow formulas for a professional and non-5 year old wearing eyeshadow for the first time-look. It literally takes seconds, and I haven't looked back since.
Mac 217... Marry me?

What kind of things have you been splurging on recently?



  1. Ok I want absolutely everything in this post. Literally. Everything. But especially that palette, it is truly a thing of beauty!! Is it a limited edition or is it here to stay? As it may be an after christmas splurge for me in my annual Selfridges trip! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  2. Ahhh I absolutely love that eyeshadow palette! I've always wanted something from Bobbi Brown everything looks so gorgeous! xx

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