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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Perfect Gift From PrintsOn

So how's all your Christmas shopping been going?
I'll be honest, mine hasn't really been going... hardly at all.
For some reason, I've found that this December has gone faster than most, but not in a jolly, festive, 'I'm so happy it's Christmas' kinda way, more of the stressful, busy, 'I'm so totally unprepared for Christmas' kinda way.
I've been stressed to say the least, and haven't felt able to focus on my photography and had been feeling a little 'bleh'. So, when PrintsOn got in touch wanting to send me a sample of one of their prints, I just had to say YES. And what a perfect little 'uplifter' it was.
If you're unfamiliar with them, they're a printing company that print your images onto various materials such as acrylic, slate, and metal and I was given the option to pick one of these materials and send over an image that I wanted printed.
Initially I had a pretty hard time deciding what image to send.. do I send a photo of me and my boyfriend? my dog? a nice sky or landscape? I finally settled on an image I took of the old pier in Brighton ( my all time fave place - which you'll know by now if you're familiar round these ends)
I chose to have it printed on acrylic because I just love how clean and vibrant this can make the images and I just thought that the sea and the sky would look beaut - and they so totally do.
Because they're babes over at PrintsOn, they also sent me a smaller size of my image printed onto metal! It has a small 'screw in' metal rod which helps the image stand which I think is a super slick way of sorting that whole standing up image shebang and the acrylic print has a clever little fixing device on the back in the form of two beveled pieces of 'foamboard?' - one attached to the print and one that you attach to the wall - which slot together seamlessly for a super professional wall mounting. I haven't hung it up on my wall yet cause my room's a mess and I'm saving it for when I move out. 
My thought process goes as follows: Brighton's so sick and calming that if I have this beautiful image up in a new place it''l instantly make me feel comforted just by looking at it.
-Here's hoping anyway-
My images really don't do the prints justice, turns out its hard to take photographs of something so reflective without getting your own face, or someone else, or the sofa or the lights or cushions or BLEUGH in the photo also, so bear that in mind!
So there you have it, I think it's a great gift idea, especially at this time of year, or maybe it'd be nice to get one of your Christmas snaps printed all profesh?
As for me, I'll be 'accidentally on purpose' avoiding as many snaps as I can.. y'see.. I can pretty much guarantee that I've put on about fifty stone within the past few weeks and I can put that solely down to my boyfriend's dad's homemade mince pies. What else am I to do when I'm welcomed into the kitchen with a new batch baked almost every other day?
Embarrassingly enough, I think he's only making them so often because I'm eating so many of them that there's never any left for anyone else. Oops!

How has December being going for you?
Have you been snacking (or gorging) on any festive treats?
Tis' the season n everything!


*The products in this post were sent to me for review (mince pies not included) but all views and opinions are completely my own.



  1. Love the print this is such a good idea! I live in Brighton and I always take pictures of that old pier. Yours is gorgeous the sea looks amazing <3 xx


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