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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Massive Lush Haul

So I've become a little bit obsessed with Lush recently.. and I thought you might like to see what I picked up! I've found that taking a bath of an evening is a really great way for me to relax, so if you have trouble relaxing or sleeping, like I often do, then I'd suggest that a trip to Lush is in order!

Bath Bombs

2.Father Christmas 
3.Blackberry Bath Bomb 
4.Northern Lights 
5.Sparkler Bath Bomb 
6.Shoot For The Stars 
7.Dragon's Egg

Bubble Bars (& Bath Melt)
1.Melting Marshmallow Moment 
2.Magic Wand 
4.Sparkley Pumpkin 
5.Candy Mountain 
6.The Comforter

I can't even tell you how excited I am to use every single one of these! (As you can see, I've already used the comforter.. and let me tell you, it's a bubble beard making dream!) I've repurchased Northern Lights (cause it was hella awesome) and the Dragon's egg (Cause it smells AMAZING) but the rest I'm yet to try! How super exciting!

If you'd like to see a little more in depth version of the haul, complete with me being horrendous at describing smells, then you can catch my haul below! If you want to keep up to date with my youtube videos then you can subscribe here :)

Have you guys made any lush purchases recently? 
What are your faves?


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The A/W Coat Edit

 So I thought I'd pull together a little A/W Coat Edit for you guys, it's by no means representative of my entire coat collection ( which is insanely large) and I didn't want to repeat any coats on here that I've already worn in a previous post (I'll link those down below if you're interested in checking them out) but I feel like it's got a good balance of practicality and style for various occasions, so, lets get to it!


 Primark Coat (For other items keep scrolling!)

If you've watched my recent Primark Haul on youtube then you'll recognise this badboy! I feel like this is the perfect coat for crisp autumn mornings and is thin enough to allow lots of layering without overheating. It smartens up an outfit if you want it to but can also be made a little more casual with trainers and ripped jeans. 

Topshop Coat (Sale) (For other items keep scrolling!)

 So this little sale bargain is one that I picked up around January time I think. It's super oversized (perfect for hiding all of the christmas rolls yay) and really warm! It's so big I can probably wear about fifty million jumpers under it which in my book - is a winner. One thing I will say, is that it it's basically a dog hair/fluff magnet... most people can probably get around this issue by not allowing a sandy coloured dog rub themselves all over your legs.. but I don't. Each to their own.

 Topshop Coat (Sale) (For other items keep scrolling!)

 So, I'm sorry for shoving all these sale bargains in your face.. I don't even know if I could find anything similar to this one?.. but I'm just too in love with it to not add it in here. It took me a long long time to finally buy it, as I used to have a problem with green, and it's a size smaller than I'd usually go for.. but.. y'know... it's beaut - so I bought it.
Would you say it's a jacket not a coat? Hmm.. well it's too late for that cause I'm including it anyway. It's got some crazy green leaf print going on and I for one couldn't appreciate that more. Again it's quite thin so more for autumn than winter this one.. but it's super easy to just throw on with any outfit to make it that bit more interesting!

Primark Coat, Zara Jumper, Topshop Leigh Jeans, Adidas Trainers

This is another coat from Primark which you might have also caught on my youtube channel recently and it's probably my fave thing right now. I wore it to work today in fact and felt pretty awesome and I owe that entirely to the coat. Its really warm, slouchy but still smart, and timeless. 
I just can't get enough!

If you want any more coat inspiration then you can also check out my massive woolen fluffy coat, which I think is an essential really in the winter, and the pastel pink teddy coat that I'm massively enjoying cosying up in recently!

What do you think of the edit?
What kind of coats have you been reaching for now the temperature has dropped?


Friday, 14 November 2014

Style Trial: Knee High Boots

Oh hey there guys!
It's a been a little while hasn't it!
Sorry about that - what with doing 12 hour shifts at work, some general life stress and some pretty non-outfit post kinda weather, I haven't really had a chance to take any snaps... but that doesn't mean that I haven't got lots to show you!
It's been a while since I did a style trial post so if you're new round these ends I'll keep it short and sweet: I basically buy something that I've previously felt weary or unsure of, and try my best to style it so I like it.
Today I'm bringing to you these knee high boots from New Look. They're everywhere at the moment - which I know they usually are at this time of year, but... I've always felt like they can be a bit.. (now hear me out here).. stripper-ish?
That's not to say that other people look like strippers in them.. I just mean.. I've always felt like I couldn't pull them off because I'd look like a stripper... or .. God. I don't even know how to make this sound any better.
Kat Slater? That's more what I mean I guess.
Anyway, take that as you will, and see what you think of my attempt:

  New Look Boots, Topshop Coat (sale), Primark Jumper

This is one of those looks that I'm still unsure of.. I'm wondering if perhaps the boots need to be even longer... a good old over-the-knee thing... I know.. who am I?! Kat? Kat you in there?
Anyway, I like the boots.. I'm just still not sure if I'm wearing them right, but I guess, as with most things, confidence goes a long way. I decided to wear them with this gigantic Primark jumper. I got it in about four sizes too big cause: sometimes I like to hide (read: TRY to hide) a belly full of Costa black forest hot chocolates and all of the galaxy bars.
The coat I'm wearing in this look is another one of those Topshop sale beauties that grace my blog. It was something ridiculous like £450 reduced to £15.
I know.
Pretty big deal that isn't it.
If it makes you feel any better.. it tends to do this weird thing where the black from the fur inside rubs off on anything light coloured I'm wearing underneath it.. including my arms...and hands.
Basically it makes me look a little like I don't wash.. which.. ain't really what I look for in a coat. Nonetheless, it's super comfy and warm and it looks pretty cool too.. and at that price? I guess I'm not complaining. 

Aside from buying all of the boots and jumpers - life recently has been a little strange. Firstly, because the other day I was featured on the Primark website, by the very lovely Ebony. (She writes a blog too and I think you should check it out here)((It's good))
 I've been working all of the weird hours and it honestly feels like I haven't eaten a meal at home or really even seen my bed. The hours that I haven't been working, I've been searching for jobs and ways to move away from Birmingham, so everything's a bit mental right now and all I want to do is sleep sleep sleep (& eat... always eat).
I've been obsessively watching Suits with the boy, (if you haven't seen it, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you WHY?) and I've been stuffing my face with shortbread biscuits despite being 'on a diet' cause 'look at all the rolls.'
Oh, and my phone broke, and then I had to pay £200 for basically the same phone. 
(Please note, the above word 'phone' was originally written as 'food' because seriously.. always thinking about food)

So - how do you guys style your knee-high boots?
Let a fella know in the comments below!


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