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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

All My Senses Come To Life

October is my favourite month for a few reasons:
Firstly, it's officially Autumn and as usual, I just can't get enough.
Jumpers. Coats. Hot Chocolates. Cuddles. Long Nights. Later Sunrises. Earlier Sunsets. Beautiful Skies. Colourful Leaves. Crisp Air. Hot Water Bottles. Fluffy Socks. Boots. Layers. Autumn Lips. And of course: Radiator Pants.
Oh Yeah.

 Topshop Jumper & Skirt, Asos Boots, H&M Rings, Handmade Wood Ring, Primark Fleece Lined Tights

 I bought this suede skirt a few weeks ago in the sale reduced to £30 from about £70 I think. I loved it but have always been a bit dubious of clothing that almost matches my skin colour. However, I'm not too offended by it now I've added in an oversized jumper and some fleece lined tights. (These tights by the way... are probably the best thing I ever bought. Primark... You know how to treat a girl)
Now then. These Boots are just INCREDIBLE aren't they!! I first discovered them on Rachel's instagram - She's an Asos Stylist (Swoon) and clearly has a great taste in boots as well as basically everything else which you can see if you go check out her insta! They're surprisingly comfy and I just love absolutely everything about them. At this point I also feel the need to mention Megan, who's also a stylist for Asos (Check her blog here) - Yes I know I'm stalky but I just like them all OKAY - And not only is her instagram always visually pleasing but, I'm pretty much in love with both her style and face along with Rachel's.
Stalky stalky stalk.

Now We've got that out of the way, I can tell you another reason why I love October:
It's mine and the boy's anniversary and this year marks 8 years!
I love it cause it's an excuse to spend some quality time together and its a rare opportunity these days with our conflicting work schedules. We're looking to go away for a few days and so far we've spoken about heading to Dublin (ooooh) or the Lake District!
Do you guys have any fun suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

 Also,  I just wanted to give a little shout out to any new followers I've gained over the last few days and those who were here from the start, for bringing me over the 50 mark! I can't believe you're all interested enough in me to follow me & it's so so lovely so thanks a bunch!
Love all you guys!




  1. You look so great, like literally beautiful. This is my fave outfit I've seen on your blog. Yay Octoberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxxxxxx

    1. Awhhh gem! That's so lovely thankyou!!
      & yayyyy! Must be the combo of jumper and autumn boots ha!
      Bloody love October.
      P.s I have a proposition for you... XX

  2. hi dear!! you look so beautiful!! all your photos are amazing!! your style is perfect!! im following you via bloglovin and instagram! hope to see you on my page too! kisses!:)

    1. Awh thanks so much that's lovely!!! Yes I'll deffo check yours out!!

  3. Love the jumper! I've been wearing a crop top that's exactly the same colour and material this season! I'm loving berry shades for Autumn :)

    Jo -

    1. Ahhh such a great colour isn't it!!
      I'm literally all over the berry shades ha!

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