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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What £70 (& 50p) in Primark Gets You

So I went shopping...

                              | Coat:£21.50 | Playsuit:£13 | Boots:£15 | Bag:£8 | Necklace:£3 | 
                                    | Fleece Lined Tights:£3.50 | Scarf:£5 | Socks:£1.50 |

If you're a regular down these ends then you'll know from this blog post that I attended an awesome event a couple of weeks ago with Primark and Vitctoria from Inthefrow, and as well as having a lovely time and being blown away by everything inthefrow related and the Primark A/W collection, I, along with everyone else that attended the event, walked away with a goodybag inluding a £100 gift card! 
So I thought I'd show you what I picked up in an outfit post made up entirely of Primark goodies!
I think its pretty amazing how you can get an entire outfit - from head to toe - COAT INCLUDED.. for around £70. Bare in mind that you probably already have tights, socks, scarves etc and you could get it for even cheaper but I just wanted to go the whole hog. Cause cosy legs.
 The coat is just beautiful and is a welcome addition to my collection. It's a new colour for me and the texture of it is unlike many of those I've seen (& felt) in other high street stores & is super super cosy.
The boots are great for Autumn and the perfect height & comfort for daytime. They're from Primarks wide foot range - and not having particularly wide feet, I just sized down and hey presto - perfectly fitting and super comfy boots!
The 'super cosy fleece lined tights' have become a staple in my A/W wardrobe. £3.50 is a small price to pay for the comfiest snuggliest legs since radiator pants. In fact.. it's like a mix between wearing your pj's and radiator pants.. in the daytime... outside... without everyone looking at you with burning judgmental eyes. Again - Winner!

I'd be lying to you if I told you that I stopped spending once I hit £70.50 ..... I most definitely did not stop spending, and three (AMAZING)  coats later and many jumpers  - I am one happy Primark loving bunny. If you're interested in checking out the rest of the stuff I picked up, then you can check out my Primark Haul video here:

If you wanted to see my previous video where I did Victoria's 'A Few Of My Favourite Things' Tag then you can check out my channel here. Subscribe if you want to keep up to date!

Have you bought anything nice from Primark recently?
What do you think of the stuff I've picked up?


P.s I'm not sure why my face looks like a plate/the moon so plz ignore.


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Get Cape, Wear Cape.... Frolic.

 Don't know about you but I love a good cape.
I remember buying this one in the Topshop sale before I started uni & being super excited about not only wearing it but also snuggling up in it in my halls of an evening. So that makes this beauty 4 years old... and now that makes me feel old. Guh.
Anyway, I'm finding the transitional weather pretty fun to dress for as I'm enjoying the creativity involved in combining summer pieces with winter pieces and create some weird mushed together inbetweeny outfits. The shirt dress I'm wearing is one from an earlier post which you can find here and I layered it up with this new mustard jumper that I bought from Asos. It's the first thing I've ever owned that's mustard and it's been a long time coming. I tied the belt round the waist but only round the front of the cape so that the back is still free to flow around whilst I frolic around doing whatever I plan to do in a day of frolicking. What a mouthful.
Topshop Cape, Shirt Dress & Boots, Asos Jumper, H&M Belt, Handmade Ring

Sometimes when lens flare looks like rainbows it's quite fun and I enjoy it.

My boots are another Topshop sale purchase from last year which caused quite a swoon and a fuss at the time between my friend Gem (Y'know - FromGemWithLove) and I at work. 
We like boots. And coats. And Autumn. And lipsticks.
In fact - we finally made a concrete plan today to break into youtube together by filming a video together next week! EXCITING. If you've got any ideas or things you'd like to see then let us know! As usual you can tweet me until your hearts content, and you can catch gem over here !

 Are you a fan of the cape?
How about the beautiful Autumn sunshine?

As always, feel free to stop by for a chat 


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

All My Senses Come To Life

October is my favourite month for a few reasons:
Firstly, it's officially Autumn and as usual, I just can't get enough.
Jumpers. Coats. Hot Chocolates. Cuddles. Long Nights. Later Sunrises. Earlier Sunsets. Beautiful Skies. Colourful Leaves. Crisp Air. Hot Water Bottles. Fluffy Socks. Boots. Layers. Autumn Lips. And of course: Radiator Pants.
Oh Yeah.

 Topshop Jumper & Skirt, Asos Boots, H&M Rings, Handmade Wood Ring, Primark Fleece Lined Tights

 I bought this suede skirt a few weeks ago in the sale reduced to £30 from about £70 I think. I loved it but have always been a bit dubious of clothing that almost matches my skin colour. However, I'm not too offended by it now I've added in an oversized jumper and some fleece lined tights. (These tights by the way... are probably the best thing I ever bought. Primark... You know how to treat a girl)
Now then. These Boots are just INCREDIBLE aren't they!! I first discovered them on Rachel's instagram - She's an Asos Stylist (Swoon) and clearly has a great taste in boots as well as basically everything else which you can see if you go check out her insta! They're surprisingly comfy and I just love absolutely everything about them. At this point I also feel the need to mention Megan, who's also a stylist for Asos (Check her blog here) - Yes I know I'm stalky but I just like them all OKAY - And not only is her instagram always visually pleasing but, I'm pretty much in love with both her style and face along with Rachel's.
Stalky stalky stalk.

Now We've got that out of the way, I can tell you another reason why I love October:
It's mine and the boy's anniversary and this year marks 8 years!
I love it cause it's an excuse to spend some quality time together and its a rare opportunity these days with our conflicting work schedules. We're looking to go away for a few days and so far we've spoken about heading to Dublin (ooooh) or the Lake District!
Do you guys have any fun suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

 Also,  I just wanted to give a little shout out to any new followers I've gained over the last few days and those who were here from the start, for bringing me over the 50 mark! I can't believe you're all interested enough in me to follow me & it's so so lovely so thanks a bunch!
Love all you guys!


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