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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Primark / Inthefrow - Blogger Masterclass

 Last week I was lucky enough to attend an exclusive blogger event in London to not only view the Primark A/W collection ( which has mad props yo) but also to pick the brains of the lovely and talented Victoria from Inthefrow, who if you don't know... (where have you been hiding) you definitely should.
Now then. Deep breaths. I want to introduce you to the best Primark collection to date.
Big statement.

 Good right?
I could so happily buy pretty much everything I saw and I'm genuinely not exaggerating.
The coats. OH the coats. So many beautiful shapes, colours, and textures: all at such a low price point. Primark : I love you.
When I thought I couldn't be more impressed I found myself  greedily oggling at the shoe collection. There's a few pairs that have made their way onto my lust list so expect to see them in my upcoming haul! (Might even make the overdue leap into youtube for this special occasion. Ooooh. Bet you can't wait to hear my brummie accent!)
I think my favourite little capsule of clothes has to be the pale pinks and creams which you can see above somewhere. If you want a clue it's the one with the pink leather jacket!
I just found that the delicate nature of the fabrics suited perfectly their designs and, a girl can never have enough textured cream jumpers in the run up to Autumn.

So, after checking out the lovely new lines, and chatting to some of the team - who were all so friendly and welcoming - I made my way over to the seating area to find a cute goodie bag containing a few winter essentials, a notebook, some sweeties and a £100 Primark gift card!
Stop it.
You're spoiling me.
(Actually don't - I could totally get used to this)
 At this point, Victoria made her way to the sofa at the front and began to answer lots of our burning questions. I found that as an avid fan (read stalker) of hers, a lot of her responses came of no surprise to me, yet I still got so much from the talk. I felt inspired, motivated, and excited.
Blogging can sometimes feel like a chore when you have a full time job and are struggling for sleep but, this event really filled me with all of the positive vibes I could handle and I couldn't stop grinning the whole way through!
So, what wisdom did the lovely Victoria empart on us?
You can catch up with some of the discussion over on Primarks twitter here, but if you want a quick run-down, keep reading!
I thought that rather than just writing an essay of everything that was said I'd just piece together some of the most important bits I took from the discussion that perhaps you might find useful.

-> If you don't like the look of your blog, change it. You're probably going to look at it more than anyone else what with previewing, replying to comments, re-checking things, viewing posts etc. The look of your blog is one of the most important things as it is one of the firs things that people are aware of when they visit your sight. Invest some time & love in it.
-> In order to not fall behind on posts, spend a day photographing & editing images for your reviews, ootd's etc, and add them all into their own posts without publishing. Then, throughout the week, all you have to do is write the accompanying bits and hit post! (Amazing tip from Victoria, I'm definitely going to try blogging this way myself!)
->You don't need the most expensive kit to have the most creative content. A lot of bloggers start with photo's uploaded from their phone. No-one in their right mind would buy a 600D, studio lights, accompanying lenses etc just off the bat to start a blog with. These things are all great, but, collect them in time and only if you feel that you need them.
->Put a lot of thought into your social channels, especially instagram. Try and make your images relevant in some way to the blog post or video that you may be uploading that day. Make it easy for your followers to jump from one channel to the next. Your blog needs to be accessible.
->Best way to grow your social media following? Regrams, mentions etc. Get involved in the fblogger & bbloger chats on twitter and start interacting with your followers.
->Be nice to everyone.
->Want to get into youtube? It's hard, but practice makes perfect. Record a few videos and just don't upload them until you're happy with them. Be brave.

After this informal discussion, I got to have a little chat with Victoria and asked her how she found room to store all of her clothes. (Help a sister out. I'm struggling) She mentioned that she takes quite a lot of clothes to a certain charity shop in Manchester. Considering taking a trip to Manchester now aren't we? 
 Please take a moment to ignore my many chins, and appreciate how insanely great Victoria's face is.
I was delighted to find that she truly is just as lovely in real life as she comes across in her videos, and she took the time to give us all some honest advice about all things blogging and fashion. What a babe. 
 Thanks Victoria!

And a massive thanks to the guys at Primark too.
You're all babes.

Make sure you're following me on twitter and instagram to keep updated on all things blunderous, and keep an eye out for an upcoming A/W Primark haul too. I don't know about you but I can't wait!




  1. Thankyou for such a wonderful write up. It was fantastic to meet you and your awesome leather jacket!! Haha, hope to see you again soon lovely xxx

    1. Awh thanks Victoria! I had such a lovely time & it was so great to meet you!
      Hopefully see you soon :) xxx

  2. It was an awesome evening! I'm saving my gift card until most of the new pieces come into store, haha. Love your photo's :)

    Jo - x

    1. Haha, I'm saving mine too! Think I might make another trip to London or maybe Manchester... I want a big store to spend big money in ha! & thanks lovely that's so kind!

  3. lovely post, just found and followed your blog! :)


    1. Awh thankyou Lauren! That's so lovely :))) xx


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