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Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Bold Lip That Sticks Around

If you want a bold lip that stays ALL day without re-application then look no further than the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip products. 
Since getting my hair cut - and to avoid looking like a chubby boy that's got out of bed and done nothing about their appearence - I've been donning a red lip pretty much every day as I feel like it makes me look like I've made an effort.
What I couldn't be bothered with however, was donning said red lip, and then actually having to put in the effort of reapplying throughout the day, after drinks and eating, after a few hours of wear etc etc. And thats where these little beauties come in.
Now, firstly, let me tell you about the formula:
They are classed as a lipstick but come in a small tube with a sponge applicator, much like a gloss. When first applied, the lipstick glides on but feels a little sticky and as if it's going to be a pain but literally seconds after applying them, you literally can't even feel the product on your lips at all making it comfortable for all day (and night) wear. 
The colour become matt and and lips feel soft and light literally seconds after application and you're ready to go about your business.
The colour pay off is strong but yet also buildable, so a couple of coats will create a much bolder lip than just one, allowing you to adjust the intensity of colour to suit your needs.
 My first purchase was shade 01 - Personne Ne Rouge (Left) which is not so much of a 'hot' red, but perhaps a little darker, without being classed as a dark red.. if that makes any sense?
Well anyway, since that purchase I have not looked back, and have then gone on to purchase shade 03 - Hot Pepper (Middle) and Shade 05 - Ole Flamingo (Right). 
Hot Pepper is definitely more of a bright red lip - potentially starting to turn into an orangey red in certain lights, and Ole Flamingo is a beautiful bright fuchsia
 I can't stress enough how much these products really do stick around on your lips all day. And considering that they are available in most drugstores under £10, (and usually on 3 for 2 in Boots might I add) you literally can't go wrong!!




  1. Give me all of these, they are too amazing! & so vibrant I adore <3



    1. Haha, definitely bought a few more colours since this post!. SO GREAT xx


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