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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Welcoming Autumn

So the mornings are getting colder and there's a certain familiar crispness to the air.
Autumn is here friends and I for one am pretty happy about it.
 I feel like I've been waiting for roughly a million & one years to get layering again and after a few recent purchases from work, I've now got even more things to layer under my many many jumpers.
When I took these photo's it wasn't quite warm enough for a coat but y'know... that day I didn't mind.
If you know me - you'll know I love a good coat, but then, I also love a good jumper, and this time, the jumper won.
As you can see, I'm still rocking my statement red lip and have finally got the hang of the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner which I have now purchased in full size and am absolutely loving. I feel like I've got well into my makeup recently so look out for some beauty posts in the future! But enough of that for now... back to the jumper:
Topshop Jumper, Shirt & Trousers. Nike Air Max 90's

 On a side note - I've increasingly found that the problem with dressing mannequins for a living, means you consequently end up buying the entire mannequins outfit..

Are you welcoming the cold? Or trying to desperately cling on to summer?

Tweet me, lets have a chat!



Sunday, 21 September 2014

Primark / Inthefrow - Blogger Masterclass

 Last week I was lucky enough to attend an exclusive blogger event in London to not only view the Primark A/W collection ( which has mad props yo) but also to pick the brains of the lovely and talented Victoria from Inthefrow, who if you don't know... (where have you been hiding) you definitely should.
Now then. Deep breaths. I want to introduce you to the best Primark collection to date.
Big statement.

 Good right?
I could so happily buy pretty much everything I saw and I'm genuinely not exaggerating.
The coats. OH the coats. So many beautiful shapes, colours, and textures: all at such a low price point. Primark : I love you.
When I thought I couldn't be more impressed I found myself  greedily oggling at the shoe collection. There's a few pairs that have made their way onto my lust list so expect to see them in my upcoming haul! (Might even make the overdue leap into youtube for this special occasion. Ooooh. Bet you can't wait to hear my brummie accent!)
I think my favourite little capsule of clothes has to be the pale pinks and creams which you can see above somewhere. If you want a clue it's the one with the pink leather jacket!
I just found that the delicate nature of the fabrics suited perfectly their designs and, a girl can never have enough textured cream jumpers in the run up to Autumn.

So, after checking out the lovely new lines, and chatting to some of the team - who were all so friendly and welcoming - I made my way over to the seating area to find a cute goodie bag containing a few winter essentials, a notebook, some sweeties and a £100 Primark gift card!
Stop it.
You're spoiling me.
(Actually don't - I could totally get used to this)
 At this point, Victoria made her way to the sofa at the front and began to answer lots of our burning questions. I found that as an avid fan (read stalker) of hers, a lot of her responses came of no surprise to me, yet I still got so much from the talk. I felt inspired, motivated, and excited.
Blogging can sometimes feel like a chore when you have a full time job and are struggling for sleep but, this event really filled me with all of the positive vibes I could handle and I couldn't stop grinning the whole way through!
So, what wisdom did the lovely Victoria empart on us?
You can catch up with some of the discussion over on Primarks twitter here, but if you want a quick run-down, keep reading!
I thought that rather than just writing an essay of everything that was said I'd just piece together some of the most important bits I took from the discussion that perhaps you might find useful.

-> If you don't like the look of your blog, change it. You're probably going to look at it more than anyone else what with previewing, replying to comments, re-checking things, viewing posts etc. The look of your blog is one of the most important things as it is one of the firs things that people are aware of when they visit your sight. Invest some time & love in it.
-> In order to not fall behind on posts, spend a day photographing & editing images for your reviews, ootd's etc, and add them all into their own posts without publishing. Then, throughout the week, all you have to do is write the accompanying bits and hit post! (Amazing tip from Victoria, I'm definitely going to try blogging this way myself!)
->You don't need the most expensive kit to have the most creative content. A lot of bloggers start with photo's uploaded from their phone. No-one in their right mind would buy a 600D, studio lights, accompanying lenses etc just off the bat to start a blog with. These things are all great, but, collect them in time and only if you feel that you need them.
->Put a lot of thought into your social channels, especially instagram. Try and make your images relevant in some way to the blog post or video that you may be uploading that day. Make it easy for your followers to jump from one channel to the next. Your blog needs to be accessible.
->Best way to grow your social media following? Regrams, mentions etc. Get involved in the fblogger & bbloger chats on twitter and start interacting with your followers.
->Be nice to everyone.
->Want to get into youtube? It's hard, but practice makes perfect. Record a few videos and just don't upload them until you're happy with them. Be brave.

After this informal discussion, I got to have a little chat with Victoria and asked her how she found room to store all of her clothes. (Help a sister out. I'm struggling) She mentioned that she takes quite a lot of clothes to a certain charity shop in Manchester. Considering taking a trip to Manchester now aren't we? 
 Please take a moment to ignore my many chins, and appreciate how insanely great Victoria's face is.
I was delighted to find that she truly is just as lovely in real life as she comes across in her videos, and she took the time to give us all some honest advice about all things blogging and fashion. What a babe. 
 Thanks Victoria!

And a massive thanks to the guys at Primark too.
You're all babes.

Make sure you're following me on twitter and instagram to keep updated on all things blunderous, and keep an eye out for an upcoming A/W Primark haul too. I don't know about you but I can't wait!



Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Bold Lip That Sticks Around

If you want a bold lip that stays ALL day without re-application then look no further than the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip products. 
Since getting my hair cut - and to avoid looking like a chubby boy that's got out of bed and done nothing about their appearence - I've been donning a red lip pretty much every day as I feel like it makes me look like I've made an effort.
What I couldn't be bothered with however, was donning said red lip, and then actually having to put in the effort of reapplying throughout the day, after drinks and eating, after a few hours of wear etc etc. And thats where these little beauties come in.
Now, firstly, let me tell you about the formula:
They are classed as a lipstick but come in a small tube with a sponge applicator, much like a gloss. When first applied, the lipstick glides on but feels a little sticky and as if it's going to be a pain but literally seconds after applying them, you literally can't even feel the product on your lips at all making it comfortable for all day (and night) wear. 
The colour become matt and and lips feel soft and light literally seconds after application and you're ready to go about your business.
The colour pay off is strong but yet also buildable, so a couple of coats will create a much bolder lip than just one, allowing you to adjust the intensity of colour to suit your needs.
 My first purchase was shade 01 - Personne Ne Rouge (Left) which is not so much of a 'hot' red, but perhaps a little darker, without being classed as a dark red.. if that makes any sense?
Well anyway, since that purchase I have not looked back, and have then gone on to purchase shade 03 - Hot Pepper (Middle) and Shade 05 - Ole Flamingo (Right). 
Hot Pepper is definitely more of a bright red lip - potentially starting to turn into an orangey red in certain lights, and Ole Flamingo is a beautiful bright fuchsia
 I can't stress enough how much these products really do stick around on your lips all day. And considering that they are available in most drugstores under £10, (and usually on 3 for 2 in Boots might I add) you literally can't go wrong!!



Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Taking Stock

So I was having a life related breakdown last night (As usual), to my poor mother (As usual) and I thought that perhaps unlike usual.. I'd voice it on here.
After starting this blog, I've gained what feels to me like a great little bunch of followers who for whatever reason, like to check out this here blog once in a while. Now, some of you might read this and wonder what the fuss is about, but for me, having a selection of people that like to read my blog brings with it a certain amount of pressure.. or... well, let me rephrase that: I put pressure on myself to post things that I think my followers will like, which of course is important, but sometimes I feel like I don't want to seem moany or, rambley. Take my outfit posts for example... they're usually mostly images of my face doing relatively similar things with a short paragraph reading something along the lines of 'So i hate my life and bought new clothes but anyway here's the photo's'.
Short 'n' Sweet.
Sick 'n' Bangin'
But then I realised, I'm not really being 'real' am I. I'm not intending on baring my heart and soul in every post from now on but, sometimes, we're all struggling with the same things and no-one says it. And occasionally, when someone does say it - it can be.. relieving in some way, or, grounding, or, perhaps help put things into perspective a little?
So here it is, my Tuesday evening gripe, that has become more of a daily and nightly and weekly and monthly and soon to be yearly gripe that I just don't know what to do with.
(So I'm giving it to you to do with it what you will)
(Lucky little sausages aintcha.)
(I'd also like to point out before full breakdown mode commences that I know I've actually got it pretty good and I'm not so much complaining, but more.. voicing my lack of ability to actually sort my own brain and life out.)
I'm 23. 
I've been a Bachelor of the Arts for over a year now, and in three weeks time I will have been working in retail for a year.
A year.
 This wasn't the plan.
I know I'm lucky to even have a job in the current climate, and believe me it certainly has its perks, such as some wickedcool new friends and a pretty decent discount which I abuse on a regular basis.
However.. within this year I feel that I've achieved nothing. Absolutely zero. If anything, I'd say I have gone backwards.
Fresh out of graduation I was a newly qualified artist with a heap of potential but I've lost that now. Everything I could have done, work I could have made, shows I could have put on and fellow artists I could have worked for and with.. that's all gone because I didn't do any of those things. 
(Okay so I did a pretty sick internship in the month immediately after graduation which I couldn't have loved more but so far it's not got me anywhere)
I haven't moved out of home, I haven't saved up ANY money, I haven't gone traveling or gone on a girly holiday.
What gets to me the most though :
I haven't made any work. Not one piece.
I don't care what people say... the overly romanticised idea of the struggling artist living in london, holding down three bar jobs plus another in a coffee shop just to pay for studio space... well.. sometimes that just aint possible! 
Or maybe I just don't care enough?
I'm not afraid of working hard.
I'm not afraid of having no money whilst I make work. Heck. I did it for three years at uni. 
What I am afraid of is never earning enough to pay my keep - to move out and start living my life.
This fear has got me so stressed out that I've ended up abandoning the one thing that brought passion and enthusiasm in to my days and nights which in turn has made me afraid that I'll never work in the sectors that I want to and so despite being able to live.. I won't be happy or challenged or motivated.
At this point I'd also like to point out that on my current wage - I couldn't afford to move out and sort my life out anyway so.. I'm currently not ticking off anything on the old life checklist. 

So if you fancy sorting my life out, or sharing your post-grad dilemmas and failures, ( or hey, even your successes, perhaps you can share a little advice?) then, that'd just be great.

If not, and you'd rather I just shut my mouth and get back to posing awkwardly in front of the summer house wearing an outfit that's probably finished with my trusty pair of air max's, then I guess that's what I'll do.

Might be a bit awkward though?

Like if you don't comment.. and neither of us say anything more about this and I just go back to talking about clothes for ever and ever and ever..

It's gonna happen isn't it.




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