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Sunday, 24 August 2014

You Know We Do It Right, A Mission Every Night

Two outfit posts in one weekend? Well aren't you a lucky bunch.
(I'm joking - obviously)
Anyway - nonethless - I bring to you today an outfit that to my surprise, quite a few people complimented me on. I wore this to work the other day when I was in a massive rush and the weather was doing that awkward summer/winter hourly rainstorms thing... which lets be honest.. is a massive nightmare to dress for. Am I right?

My mom bought me this pocket watch necklace as a random surprise just for no reason! She's basically the best and totally gets my love for all things pocket watch related!
My all time favourite one has actually been laying in a drawer for quite a while now waiting to be fixed.. It's lost its tick! It's actually one that my boyfriend bought me and its literally the sickest. It has a ship sailing on the front and the back is engraved with 'Carpe Diem'.
 Topshop Bomber Jacket & Dress (sale), JuJu's Jumper, Nike Air Max Trainers, Urban Outfitters Bracelet, Birmingham Vintage Fair Ring, Gift Necklace

 The bomber jacket has definitely been my favourite purchase recently. It just feels perfect with literally any outfit. It's comfy, it's warm.. its basically my go-to jacket right now. 
As for my trusty Air Max's... I feel like perhaps they are kind-of taking over. I know... you've already noticed.. right? What can I say? Maybe it's because I'm lazy.. or maybe it's because they're the comfiest things that ever graced my soles but I'm just not ready to abandon them yet.

How have you been dressing for the absurd weather recently?

 Also, to all those following and joining me on my journey with this little space on the internet? Thankyou.


  1. I'd say you dressed suitably for the awkward summer-winter weather Ally! :)

    PS. That jumpshot is really adorable. :)

    1. Awh thanks Kissel!
      I've been finding it an absolute nightmare, have you?
      Take today for example .. it was cold so I put layer over layer, coat over jumper over shirt... I nearly melted into a puddle on the drive home!

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