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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Gimme One Good Reason

Hey there friends!
How are we doing this fine Sunday evening?
I've been trying to get my life organized lately and so because of that, have been abandoning the blog a little. I also found that whenever the weather was awesome enough for photo's.. it was 'too' awesome.. meaning I would have melted and no-one wants to see that.
Not only that but I've been feeling pretty low on body confidence what with putting on about a million stone within the last few weeks and consequently haven't really felt like sharing my new 'spare tyre' mates across the internet.
Who'd be a girl, eh?
Anyway, I've been wanting to show you this BEAUTIFUL top I bought from work the other week ever since I clapped eyes on it. And here it is:

 Prepare yourself for a close-up of my sparkley crotch area but you just need to see the detail on these altered vintage Levi's I picked up at a vintage fair in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. They've been bleached at the bottom which I imagine any one of us guys could do at home? And I'm not sure what it is but there's some gold foily goodness thrown on there for good measure too!
Just me that gets the urge to spin around like a maniac whenever fringing or flowy skirts/dresses are involved?
 Topshop fringed top, hat & boots, Vintage Levi shorts

I think if it was a little cooler outside I'd probably prefer to wear this top with some high waisted skinnies rather than getting my entire body and bum out for the world but, if the suns'a'shinin... I don't want to melt into a pile of denim and sweat. My favourite guitar also made an appearance in these photo's. I've been trying to embrace my weekend off by doing the things I don't normally get chance to do : play my guitar, go and see some art and spend some quality time with the boy. All in all it's been a pretty nice weekend... could do with a few more before facing going back to work on Monday though.

If you've read this far then I'd just like to say a massive thank-you! I've had a bit of an influx of followers in the past few days after signing up to Asos Fashion Finder, (you can find me here) and various bits, so thanks to those that have been here since the beginning of this little adventure, and a massive hello to all you new guys joining along for the ride!

How has your weekend been?
Don't be shy, I love a good chat!
Drop me a tweet if you fancy




  1. Love the fringed top and the intricate detail/work x

  2. You look stunning and these shots are fab, glad I found your blog :) xx

    1. Awh thanks Charlotte that's so kind!! :) xx


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