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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Style It Like Urban Outfitters

So this is me, trying my best to style an outfit in an 'Urban Outfitters' way without wearing any Urban Outfitters clothes..
I've got plenty... cause I LOVE the place, but I thought I'd give it a go without wearing any of their stuff just because, well..I guess I like a challenge.
Some outfits just scream Urban Outfitters and some just don't.. no matter where the clothing is actually from. And lets be honest now.. It can't just be me that wanders around their stores in awe of everything from their candles to their books and from their jeans to their on point Visual Merchandising. If you're looking for a bit of style inspo.. it's the place to go really, isn't it?
I wanted to do this post to enter into Claire's competition which you can check out here. (And have a read of the rest of her blog whilst you're at it.. I'm pretty sure you'll approve.) I found myself running out of time to do it however as I literally raced against the sunset to get these photo's! This week hasn't been a normal week y'see. I've been on a carpentry course outside of Birmingham so it's been taking me a decent while to get there and back every day. Knowing that this evening was my only chance (Tomorrow's going to rain appaz?) I stumbled through my front door, across many piles of clothes (creating more as I selected various garments from my floordrobe) and threw everything on. No time for make-up re-application. No time to wash my birds nest hair. And so, as you can imagine.. this isn't exactly my favorite set of photo's ever to grace the internet. 
I braved it.
Because One: who wouldn't love to mingle amongst other bloggers and UO fans at their Leicester store opening and be one of the first to see it?
and Two : Because sometimes - I have horrendous hair and face cause I've been building walls all day.

So the question was : what would you wear to their after party?
My Answer was as follows:
 I tried to replicate their effortless style by not going over the top on colour or accessories. I chose a classic pair of mom jeans ( very UO, am I right?) A plain black bralet (to add the 'party' into the outfit) and a casual burgundy bomber to tie the whole thing together. I feel like this outfit could be taken from day to night pretty easily by just taking the jacket off.. and the heels I chose to wear are super comfy - so - good for the day, but also add a little extra to the outfit without making me look like a try- hard. (I hope)
I feel like UO style is so cool ( I know that's a rubbishy word to use but... they just epitomize it. soz) that an after party outfit wouldn't need to be 'glam' or 'showy'. They make their statement by their chilled approach to fashion. I guess it's like 'bed - head' fashion. You look like you haven't made an effort but you totally have because how else could you look so awesome. Am I getting this across properly? Perhaps not..
 Topshop Bralet, Mom Jeans & Boots, JuJu's Jacket, H&M Belt

So what do you think of my attempt?
If you fancy your chances, the competition's open till midnight so definitely go for it! (and link me to it as well, I'd love to see!)



Sunday, 24 August 2014

You Know We Do It Right, A Mission Every Night

Two outfit posts in one weekend? Well aren't you a lucky bunch.
(I'm joking - obviously)
Anyway - nonethless - I bring to you today an outfit that to my surprise, quite a few people complimented me on. I wore this to work the other day when I was in a massive rush and the weather was doing that awkward summer/winter hourly rainstorms thing... which lets be honest.. is a massive nightmare to dress for. Am I right?

My mom bought me this pocket watch necklace as a random surprise just for no reason! She's basically the best and totally gets my love for all things pocket watch related!
My all time favourite one has actually been laying in a drawer for quite a while now waiting to be fixed.. It's lost its tick! It's actually one that my boyfriend bought me and its literally the sickest. It has a ship sailing on the front and the back is engraved with 'Carpe Diem'.
 Topshop Bomber Jacket & Dress (sale), JuJu's Jumper, Nike Air Max Trainers, Urban Outfitters Bracelet, Birmingham Vintage Fair Ring, Gift Necklace

 The bomber jacket has definitely been my favourite purchase recently. It just feels perfect with literally any outfit. It's comfy, it's warm.. its basically my go-to jacket right now. 
As for my trusty Air Max's... I feel like perhaps they are kind-of taking over. I know... you've already noticed.. right? What can I say? Maybe it's because I'm lazy.. or maybe it's because they're the comfiest things that ever graced my soles but I'm just not ready to abandon them yet.

How have you been dressing for the absurd weather recently?

 Also, to all those following and joining me on my journey with this little space on the internet? Thankyou.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

How Soon Is Now?

Hey friends!
It's been a little while hasn't it!
I keep making excuses not to blog but if I'm honest it's mostly because I've been feeling pretty shitty recently. In a bid to improve my life I decided to get all of my hair chopped off. 
Not ALL of my hair.. but it was a lot and I hadn't had it cut in years okay? Okay.
Well anyway, I donated it to The Little Princess Trust so I felt pretty good about that.
Unfortunately, the saying ' A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life' didn't quite go to plan. I tried. Trust me i tried...
I mean, to be fair... my hair doesn't dip into plates of food anymore, or get stuck in zips, or get stuck underneath me when I'm lying down so that I'm paralyzed in the horizontal position unable to pick my head up cause my back's in the way. Life could definitely be worse.
I've also bagged some pretty decent bargains in the last few weeks and I'd like to show you one right here..
I've been after a white shirt dress ever since I stalked the hell outta Amy from The Little Magpie (who - if you don't already know - is most definitely my current muse and all round woman crush)
After searching high and low, I came across one at work in the sale! Win.
Topshop (Sale) White Shirt Dress, New Look Cleated Sole Boots,Urban Outfitters Bracelet

 It's a little (A MASSIVE AMOUNT) on the see-through side.. but with some skin coloured underwear (yup, as sexy as it sounds) it's not too noticeable.
I've also taken to wearing red lippy pretty much everyday since I had the chop. My thought process goes a little like this - 'My hair now looks like I just got outta bed.. so if I put lipstick on, it looks like I made an effort'
So far so good.
What do you think about my new do?
(comments of ' I way preferred you with long hair cause now you look like a chubby boy' won't be greatly appreciated. cheers)



Sunday, 3 August 2014

Gimme One Good Reason

Hey there friends!
How are we doing this fine Sunday evening?
I've been trying to get my life organized lately and so because of that, have been abandoning the blog a little. I also found that whenever the weather was awesome enough for photo's.. it was 'too' awesome.. meaning I would have melted and no-one wants to see that.
Not only that but I've been feeling pretty low on body confidence what with putting on about a million stone within the last few weeks and consequently haven't really felt like sharing my new 'spare tyre' mates across the internet.
Who'd be a girl, eh?
Anyway, I've been wanting to show you this BEAUTIFUL top I bought from work the other week ever since I clapped eyes on it. And here it is:

 Prepare yourself for a close-up of my sparkley crotch area but you just need to see the detail on these altered vintage Levi's I picked up at a vintage fair in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. They've been bleached at the bottom which I imagine any one of us guys could do at home? And I'm not sure what it is but there's some gold foily goodness thrown on there for good measure too!
Just me that gets the urge to spin around like a maniac whenever fringing or flowy skirts/dresses are involved?
 Topshop fringed top, hat & boots, Vintage Levi shorts

I think if it was a little cooler outside I'd probably prefer to wear this top with some high waisted skinnies rather than getting my entire body and bum out for the world but, if the suns'a'shinin... I don't want to melt into a pile of denim and sweat. My favourite guitar also made an appearance in these photo's. I've been trying to embrace my weekend off by doing the things I don't normally get chance to do : play my guitar, go and see some art and spend some quality time with the boy. All in all it's been a pretty nice weekend... could do with a few more before facing going back to work on Monday though.

If you've read this far then I'd just like to say a massive thank-you! I've had a bit of an influx of followers in the past few days after signing up to Asos Fashion Finder, (you can find me here) and various bits, so thanks to those that have been here since the beginning of this little adventure, and a massive hello to all you new guys joining along for the ride!

How has your weekend been?
Don't be shy, I love a good chat!
Drop me a tweet if you fancy


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