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Monday, 16 June 2014

Social Media Meltdown

Please do excuse the lack of exciting visuals on this post but I'm currently on a train to London and I've been thinking....
It occurred to me recently how many of us are affected by this whole social media malarkey. We've all got a Facebook, Twitter, they're good for networking right? And of course Instagram, pintrest... Great for exposure... Right bloggers? Well. That's cool... But I reckon it becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with your fun.
Now like the rest of the world, I'm a sucker for an insta selfie, but what I will say, is that I'm making a conscious effort to not ruin experiences by taking constant breaks to photograph whats going on and tweeting my way through life. I appreciate that it's hard, especially if you're a well known blogger and your readers want to know what you're up to all the time ( Granted.. This is something I have zero experience of) but sometimes, when I see someone uploading ten photos a second of their awesome life... I can't help but feel like it's not 'real' yknow?
I think bloggers can get a lot of stick for having the 'perfect life' which I know isn't the case - but I think it's a shame that quite often we get so caught up in the taking the perfect photo, posing by the perfect background, getting the perfect photo of our meal before we eat it, that readers don't get to see the 'real' us.
I'm not particularly calling for change on this matter - as you certainly won't see me uploading photo's of me crying at the latest episode of coronation street or finishing off 2 bags of 'sharing' crisps to myself without a breath in between. But I just wonder how much further this can go... I mean... Don't get me wrong - I LOVE stalking you all and seeing what you're up to, and I guess it's just the nature of this whole online relationships shebang. ( I've never said shebang before) But I guess sometimes, I wish for relationships with bloggers that go deeper than retweeting your latest tweet, or liking your newest Instagram #fblogging #lblogging #follow4follow
( don't even get me started on the last hashtag)
I've also noticed a lot of blogs that have only existed for a few months ( like mine) that have hundreds of followers already! Admittedly I don't blog for that reason but if I'm honest - I do find myself comparing my blog with theirs, 'what are they talking about that I'm not?' 'So many people like their photo's.. Why don't they like mine?' And this is exactly the sort of social media misery that makes me want to delete every aspect of myself from online. 
I dunno.. It's hard. I LOVE being able to chat to people so easily - make friends with people I'd never naturally run into - and keep updated with friends who have moved around the country or even the world but sometimes... I can't help but wonder if we'd all be better off without all of the social media bragging that occurs that makes us feel so small & unworthy.

What do you think?



  1. This is such a true post. I am a great believer in everything in moderation. People now spend their lives virtually, watching a concert through a camera lens, Tweeting whilst having an outing with friends. It is important to get the balance right . Blooging for me is a way to share my creativity it is certainly not a means of gathering a following. As long as you enjoy what you are doing Ally don't worry so much about the likes and follows that will come Lucy x

  2. I completely agree with Lucy's comment. I often won't post on my social media profiles for days at a time, and other times I'll post a ridiculous amount in one day. It depends what you're inspired by. I've made a conscious decision not to blog when I'm not feeling it - if it's taking me hours to write one post because I'm bored with the subject, then I need to stop. If it doesn't interest me, why would it interest anyone else?!


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