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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Style Trial: The Co-Ord

It's been a little while since I've done an outfit post hasn't it! In fairness, it's been a while since I gave my blog any kinda lovin' but in my defence, life has been a bit mental lately - with 12 hour shifts at work and some major jetlag, I haven't really felt alive for a week or so!
Anyway, I digress. I wanted to show you this gorgeous two piece from Topshop. As soon as it came in at work I got my grubby little hands all over it. We currently only have it in petite at our store, so I just went a size up in the shorts (my regular size was a little too 'petite' in a.. lets say... inappropriate area) and hey presto - the perfect summer two piece. I love the festival inspired print and have been waiting to wear my beautiful cleated sole boots from New Look for an absolute age. Any excuse! I also wanted to show you that my ring collection is indefinitely growing, with my new sparkly addition from Brighton! (Still intending to film that haul... just mustering the courage!)
 And, perfectly on cue, Sandy came to say hey.
Topshop Co-Ord, New Look Cleated Sole Boots, Handmade Wooden Ring, Gift Camera Ring, Brighton Glass Ring

 What do you guys think of the co-ord?? Have you bought any two-pieces recently?


Friday, 20 June 2014

Underground Cookery School

So, I'm not entirely sure how this happened, or whether it was some sort of mad mistake, but I managed to get myself invited to a bloggers event held at the Underground Cookery School in London last Monday! Did I go? Of course I bloody well did.
This was my very first bloggers event, and if I'm completely honest - I found the whole thing very odd: It was not frowned upon to be tweeting whilst others were conversing. Taking photo's until just before our food went cold was a regular at every course, and exchanging numbers was replaced with exchanging blog urls. Totally bizarre for this newcomer: but after awaiting nervously outside the unsuspecting building for an unreasonable amount of time, I got stuck in and met some really lovely people!
The Cookery School offers varying cookery events to cater for groups of people from hen parties to office team building sessions and I was lucky enough to experience this with a group of strangers that soon became friends.
As we arrived, we were immediately offered a glass of Prosecco (Can't say no) and appetisers were soon brought to our table for us to munch on whilst getting to know each other. The prosecco was topped up extremely regularly and no-one was left thirsty or hungry for even a second!
We began by eating some beautiful salmon canope's:
Being in new company, I was very aware to not literally inhale every item of food placed in front of me, as I'm sure the girls would have been pretty unimpressed if they hadn't got to try some! 
We were then offered a beautiful duo of finger foods:

 The first was a light pastry snack covered in sesame seeds with the most beautiful basil dip and the second was what I could only describe as an incredibly tasty 'rice ball' with sweet chilli dip. (This was of course until the lovely Plum informed me that they are in fact called 'arancini' - cheers pal! )

We were then invited to chop herbs, shell broad beans and then split into two groups to begin preparing the fish & chicken.
I'm normally fine with preparing meat and fish but if it's still got eyes we're onto a problem.
Thankfully I wasn't the only one who felt like this, as a group of mostly squirming girls gathered round the table to be taught how to perfectly fillet a piece of fish. (At this point I was thankful to find out that our lovely fish had already been gutted. Thank God.)
 After impressing myself immensly by not collapsing in some fishy heap by the side of the table, we then swapped with the other group and prepared the chicken. Now, for those who are a little squeemish, myself included, you probably won't like what you are about to hear and so I'll keep it short and sweet. 
We chopped it's wings and legs off (including a lovely dislocation) & then cut carefully to remove the breast.
In all honesty though, as much as I'm being dramatic here, it was actually really useful to be taught this by a proper (& very patient) chef, and despite squirming my way through it.. I did it, I was happy with it, and I was still very much alive and not mentally broken.
High Five!
We then made the meringue (I say we... I didn't really get involved in this bit, but rather happily watched from the sides - Too many cooks spoil the broth as they say!) Some of the girls added the ingredients to the mixture and whisked until it formed stiff peaks, and after a short while in the oven, added cream and strawberry's and rolled it like an absolute pro. (I'm looking at you Callie! )
We then slowly made our way back to the table to catch up after our food preparations whilst the chefs made our food offerings into a beautiful three course meal. 
Starter: Salad of Sea Bass, Fresh Pea & Mint with a lemon dressing
Main: Breast of Chicken with Salsa Verde, Broad Beans & Jersey Royals
Dessert: Strawberry Meringue Roulade
Excuse my poor food photography and just believe me when I say - everything I ate was delightful and my dessert was inhaled within seconds. Just BEAUTIFUL.  
So not only did I learn a lot, in a fantastic environment, but I also got to meet some great people, and I truly believe that the Underground Cookery School would be a fantastic place to make new friends, form new bonds, or even just spend a little more time on those bonds that already exist.  
I certainly loved meeting some new people and finding some more blogs to read! 
And to top the evening off (not that it needed topping off mind) I was given a free goody bag!
Thanks so much to all those at Underground Cookery School! I had a blast!

And thanks so much to all you guys reading too! I wouldn't have been invited if you weren't interested in reading my words!



Monday, 16 June 2014

Social Media Meltdown

Please do excuse the lack of exciting visuals on this post but I'm currently on a train to London and I've been thinking....
It occurred to me recently how many of us are affected by this whole social media malarkey. We've all got a Facebook, Twitter, they're good for networking right? And of course Instagram, pintrest... Great for exposure... Right bloggers? Well. That's cool... But I reckon it becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with your fun.
Now like the rest of the world, I'm a sucker for an insta selfie, but what I will say, is that I'm making a conscious effort to not ruin experiences by taking constant breaks to photograph whats going on and tweeting my way through life. I appreciate that it's hard, especially if you're a well known blogger and your readers want to know what you're up to all the time ( Granted.. This is something I have zero experience of) but sometimes, when I see someone uploading ten photos a second of their awesome life... I can't help but feel like it's not 'real' yknow?
I think bloggers can get a lot of stick for having the 'perfect life' which I know isn't the case - but I think it's a shame that quite often we get so caught up in the taking the perfect photo, posing by the perfect background, getting the perfect photo of our meal before we eat it, that readers don't get to see the 'real' us.
I'm not particularly calling for change on this matter - as you certainly won't see me uploading photo's of me crying at the latest episode of coronation street or finishing off 2 bags of 'sharing' crisps to myself without a breath in between. But I just wonder how much further this can go... I mean... Don't get me wrong - I LOVE stalking you all and seeing what you're up to, and I guess it's just the nature of this whole online relationships shebang. ( I've never said shebang before) But I guess sometimes, I wish for relationships with bloggers that go deeper than retweeting your latest tweet, or liking your newest Instagram #fblogging #lblogging #follow4follow
( don't even get me started on the last hashtag)
I've also noticed a lot of blogs that have only existed for a few months ( like mine) that have hundreds of followers already! Admittedly I don't blog for that reason but if I'm honest - I do find myself comparing my blog with theirs, 'what are they talking about that I'm not?' 'So many people like their photo's.. Why don't they like mine?' And this is exactly the sort of social media misery that makes me want to delete every aspect of myself from online. 
I dunno.. It's hard. I LOVE being able to chat to people so easily - make friends with people I'd never naturally run into - and keep updated with friends who have moved around the country or even the world but sometimes... I can't help but wonder if we'd all be better off without all of the social media bragging that occurs that makes us feel so small & unworthy.

What do you think?

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