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Monday, 5 May 2014

Style Trial: Suit Up!

So I totally cannot take credit for finding this Cobalt BEAUTY. One of my most hilarious friends from work was telling me about a recent shopping spree she'd been on - to non other than.. wait for it.... Matalan.. Yes you heard me right. Anyway, so she bought this beautiful suit for less than £50. CAN'T ARGUE WITH THAT. So basically I totally copied her and went to buy it myself. (Literally on the same day that she told me about it) 
Definitely a good decision.. right?
I mean... I'll probably never have to wear a suit in my life.... I don't really have that kind of lifestyle. No-body really turns up to take photo's or set up an art exhibition in a suit.. but nontheless, I wanted it, I bought it, and now it is mine... And I couldn't be happier!
I thought I'd find it quite hard to style.. as I've been on the hunt for 'the perfect white shirt' for probably a year now and I'm yet to find it... So.. what do I wear it with?!
Turns out that'll be a 'not completely perfect but still quite nice white shirt'
I also chucked on a pair of New Look heels and tried not to neglect my jewellery.. (I'd noticed it was becoming a bit of a theme within these outfit posts of mine)
So I'm a suit convert.
Who would have thought it.
Matalan Blazer & Angle Grazers, Topshop Shirt & Bracelets, New Look Shoes, Camden Market Cameo Ring, Amethist Ring Gift, Independent Jewellery Shop Nottingham Bird Ring.

Are you a suit convert too? 
What have you guys been spending all your dollar on recently? Common.. Tell me it's not just me that's an unstoppable spender!



  1. I LOVE IT. cobalt blue, what a colour, goes super well with ginger aparantly haha
    and matalan??? thats insane, you can get the odd gem in there but its like peacocks (does that still exist anywhere) most stuff is almost nice, and then they go and stick some tacky diamante or glitter thread through it. BLEEEEHHH

    spending? well i got in my head i needed summer sandals (but i hate flip flops and gladiators) so i now have an abundance of low heeled strapy shoes and (am waiting for the arrival of my jellies :D) I cant stop buying any nice pair of summer shoes I find. BOOOOO

    and 60s dresses from tesco!! WHAT is that about, theyre gorgeous and they channel my inner rock n roll groupie goddess. win..

    ( I'm working on posts and will let you know as SOON as my blog is live, i dont know what to post first so theres just gona be a jumble of stuff)


  2. OH and blazers, got a thing for jackets and blazers currently,,, got a £7 stripey one from H&M BARGAIN RIGHT. and im eyeing a few up on very...

  3. I keep looking at this... i think i have a voucher for online...i might also have to buy it

  4. You get a two syllable Dayum! Hot to trot xx

  5. This suit is gorgeous! I absolutely love the colour x


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