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Sunday, 4 May 2014

I Only Went And Bought Another Coat

Firstly I'd like to apologise for my absence in the last few weeks. There's been a lot going on and I simply haven't had time to blog, or take photo's, or do anything that's particularly interesting or fun. 
Having said that, I did manage to grab a couple of spare hours on Saturday last week and put them to excellent use!
As many of you who live in Birmingham & are into spending money you don't have, I went to the Vintage Kilo sale in the Custard Factory. It was a mere £1 entry and there were so many amazing clothes! ( and jewellery... and CAKE. mustn't forget the cake) When you arrive, you can pick up as many purple carrier bags as you like, and you fill them up as you go around. Once you've finished, you take them over to the weighing desk and pay £15 per kilo - which, if you're not very good with kilos.. (like me) results in a pretty bangin' deal.
If I'm honest, there was a lot of things I could have bought for such a small price, but lately I've been getting pretty stressed at my constant floordrobe because I've literally ran out of room to put my clothes anywhere other than the floor.
And so, I left with only one item of clothing, but it was a BEAUTY. I think so anyway. It cost me £22.50, and I honestly couldn't be more pleased with my purchase! I also bought a lovely ring for £6 and two slices of the loveliest Lemon Cake I've had in a while! ( I must add that I didn't eat both slices... although I easily could have. I bought one for my mom too )

Topshop Jeans & Necklace, H&M Top, Vintage Coat, Nike Air Max Trainers

Oh - And I forgot to mention, I dyed my hair and consequently, Cool Ash Toner is my new bffl.
What have you all been upto in the past few weeks?
Did any of you guys go to the Vintage Kilo Sale? 




  1. Complete hair envy! Lovely pics! Love how you've added a pair of Air Max's to this ourfit - You look fab!

    1. Awh really?! Thankyou!! I hacked at it myself and its sooooo wonky ha!
      Thanks so much for all the lovely compliments!! (: xx

  2. you MUST take me to one of these sales!!! THATS INSANE... but i'll need t practice guessing weights because if i ever get a pick n mix bag it comes to like a tenner and i think it should be 2 quid..... just a genius idea, just buy lots of chiffon shirts (my fav) and jobs a gudun x


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