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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Toastie Tapas

Today I bring to you my experience of what some may consider a bread eating challenge.
Now, I love bread as much as the next carb fiend, but that is not the sole purpose of this post. 
I am thrilled to announce to you that the other day, i ventured out on a specific mission to find and buy a toastie making machine.. and that I did.
Now like most of you I'm sure; I already owned a toastie machine of sorts.. be that a 'lean, mean, fat reducing, grilling machine... or a simple toaster supplied with toastie bags, but this was not enough.
When I was younger, we used to have a toasted sandwhich maker which squashed the bread into two triangles, cooking the filling inside as it did and toasting the outside to a beautiful golden brown. It was delightful.
Unlike everybody I have mentioned this to, I did not have ham and cheese toasties, I had bean toasties. Just beans. Nothing but beans. (did I mention it was purely beans?) & so after craving a bean toastie for about a week. I decided to get myself the means to make one. Just like I used to have. 
I also felt that the love of bean toasties needed sharing, and so I took my bean machine to my boyfriends and cooked/warmed/toasted up a storm.
We made 5 varieties of toasties for many reasons.. one being, I LOVE ALL THE FOOD, but most importantly, so that I could prove to my doubting boyfriend that sometimes, simple really is best (when related to bean toasties.)
And so, I present to you, some serious toastie inspiration.

 Fresh Figs, Goats Cheese & Honey | Ciabatta
A real mixture of flavours that complement each other perfectly. It's creamy, juicy, sweet & still a little tart. Mmmm

 Chicken, Goats Cheese & Pesto | Ciabatta
The classic flavour combo, tried & tested, full of basily goodness.

 Chorizo, Mozzarella & Spinach | Thick Sliced White Loaf
Salty chorizo, oozy mozzarella, crispy bread, tasty spinach... sunshine in a sarnie.

 Beans | Thick Sliced White Loaf
The one I'd been waiting for. In between a pastie and a sandwhich...absolute comfort food. Does what it says on the tin (& so so so much more)

 Banana & Chocolate Buttons | Thick Sliced White Loaf
Because my boyfriend can't hack any more savory sandwiches. Mushy, sweet, and perhaps a bit stodgy (but maybe that's the million pieces of bread I've just eaten)

After struggling to finish my last mouthful, I made the difficult decisions of ranking these in order of preference, and here's what I ended up with:

Joint 1st: Chorizo, mozarella & spinach & Beans! ( I'm not giving up on you beans.)
3rd: Figs, goats cheese & honey
4th: Chicken, goats cheese & pesto
5th: Banana & chocolate buttons

And in case you were wondering if my boyfriend is a bean toastie convert? 

His 1st: Chorizo, mozarella & spinach
His 2nd: Chicken, goats cheese & pesto
His 3rd: Figs, goats cheese & honey
His 4th: Banana & chocolate buttons
His 5th: Beans

I failed, but don't take his word for it. Try it yourself! 
(& let me know if you do!!)




  1. Seriously, a toastie would complete my life. I've asked Dey is we can get one for an age and still no toastie. Brie and prosciutto would be my choice! xxx

    1. Haha mate! This one was like 13 quid from Argos, totally worth it!
      Oooooh great shout!!! I could totally go for that one right now! X

  2. Ahh I love toasties!! Your photos have made me hungry.

    Check out my blog?
    Chloe // :)

  3. i refuse to eat a sandwich unless its toasted.
    id make a suggestion but it looks like you got this!!
    although - scrambled egg, tomato, chorizo(on everything obvs) basil(i currently eat few things without basil, its my fav) parmesan and a little chive...

    if your feeling frisky add fresh jalapeno MMMM

    also great on a bagel

    OOOH and once we put pancake batter and chocolate buttons in one of these toastie machines. rocks.

  4. oh my god banana and chocolate buttons xx

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