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Sunday, 13 April 2014

This Air Bubble Right Here: It's Gonna Make Me Fly

Oh Hey Friends,

So I decided to graduate slightly from my previous outfit post background... to one that's about a meter to the left. Slightly more interesting than a brown fence perhaps? 
I also finally mustered up the courage to buy some trainers ; leaving behind me the fears which I once held... and I am SO happy I did. I was originally looking at getting some new balance but just didn't feel like they suited my style. If I'm honest, when I first looked at the Nike Air Max, I really didn't know if I'd ever be able to incorporate them into an outfit, but then I came across these all black Air Max 90's and fell a little bit in love. Since buying them I don't actually think I've worn anything else on my feet! They're so comfy and make me feel like I'm walking on clouds - which is pretty sick.
Boohoo Dress, Topshop Jacket, Nike Air Max 90's

I also wore this Boohoo dress for the first time since buying it many months ago. I always loved it but hadn't worn it as I felt a little self-conscious : I didn't feel like the shift dress shape particularly flattered my body shape (ie: child bearing hips & more than occasional food pouch) Nontheless, I finally took it out for a spin for a chilled evening at my boyfriends making -and of course eating - about a million toasties with my new toastie maker (Post still to come). By the end of the night my food pouch had grown significantly and I couldn't wait to change into some comfy pajamas and rest my exhausted body which had just about given up due to over consumption of bread. All thoughts had disappeared and only left me with;
The dress must go.
The trainers can stay.
Mmmm toasties.
 However, I think I could definitely wear the dress again, perhaps of an evening for a few drinks or maybe on a nice day for a picnic? (why does everything revolve around food?) ((stupid question))

I also realised whilst battling with self timer in a spare ten minutes I had before rushing out that it would be super cool to have a photographer friend to help take the photo's. Or even better, a willing clotheshanger for me to photograph.  

How do you go about taking your outfit posts? Do you take them in different places or try and keep everything consistent with the same location?


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  1. i like the dress! its one of those things looking at it, i reckon i wouldnt have picked out but it looks really nice in an outfit!
    and my god... youve made me want some all black trainers! definitely the way to go, they look slick, and i BET they are super comfy, comfort in shoes WHODVE KNOWN IT

    food pouch <3

    also toasties are GREAT, i couldnt live without my toastie machine, i toast EVRYTHING I EAT. try a toasted wrap, theyre sick, and much less danger of falling into a bread coma, toasted wrap with a side of salad MMMMM

    HOW good would it be if we lived near each other, we could photograph each other!! AAAHH, but we dont, and its sad :(

    OOOOOHHH and great setting, real casual summerhouse chic there.
    i need to make a backdrop or photoshop myself into france or something cos i have nowhere nice to take a photo. (my street can be rather gorgeous on a nice day with all the trees but man i would get run over and laughed at...sad.

    dont stop making me want to buy clothes! <3 loves x

  2. my favourite fashion posts are definitely outdoors... my favourites are like in the street, you get a real sense of the outfit then if you know what i mean? i cant pull that off though... "oh hai im just casually walking infront of my own camera ;)

  3. also i found this,

    i am such a stalker

  4. cute dress :)

  5. Love the blog! Keep up the amazing work! x
    do you want to follow each other's blogs on GFC?

  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I can't believe we're in pretty much the same position! Good luck with all your VM work though, I'm very excited to get started. I love this outfit, please don't ditch the dress, it looks so nice on you! I've recently started changing up my outfit locations and I find it much more fun in comparison to the brick wall I used to stand in front of, and eventually you get over posing in public.

    Lindsey. x

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