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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Style Trial :Sports Wear

I came up with this idea about a week ago, but what with life going a bit haywire at the moment, I simply haven't had the time to blog! (cry)
Anyway, So I thought I'd start posting 'style trial' blogs, maybe once every few weeks. The idea being that I buy an item of clothing or an accessory which is a little (or a lot) out of my comfort zone, and try and style it in a wearable way. I thought this would give me a bit of a friendly nudge into lots of various styles and well, I seem to be an unstoppable shopper so I may aswell not spend ALL my money on jumpers and most recently... hats.

I've always been envious of those that rock the sports lux look with ease. I've always been concerned that I'll look more 'occasional gym go-er' than the girl with sick style. That's not to say I don't completely LOVE it. Since recently becoming a visual merchandiser at work, (yay) I've been styling a lots of sports wear and giving it a sophisticated edge, and I've been falling in love with some of our more sporty pieces. And so, with this new lust in mind, I headed out shopping on Saturday and picked up a few (quite a few) new items for the old wardrobe! One of which was this super cheap bomber! At a money saving £22.50( okay.. so I'm not actually 'saving' money but y'know.. nearly) , I really couldn't resist!
I styled it with a new co-ord that I also bought on Saturday, and some Boohoo Heels that I've been dying to wear! 
At this point, I'd also like to point out that I wanted to make the look really sporty, but a)I'm still waiting for one of my purchases to be delivered and b) I thought this was an easy way to incorporate the sports bomber into an outfit that I didn't have to buy especially for the trial - which I think makes it a successful purchase!

Forever 21 Bomber & Dress/co-ord, Boohoo Heels

(Oh Hey there Sand)

How do you add sports clothing into your wardrobe?




  1. a) you look super hot
    b) those shoes are killer
    c) visual merchandiser now thats amazing well done! I see loads of jobs and im like hell yeah id love to do that but have no 'offical experience' rude right? why csnt I work for topshp snd play with clothes all day.
    d) I too feel like id be cheating if I rocked a sports outfit. I own one pair of trainers and zero bomber jackets..... I dont think I can name one sporty thing. but I like how glam you made it.
    e) I WILL blog soon thankyou for following my other blog! I just need to find a backdrop for photos haha
    f) and finally your photos are ace and your dog is adorable

    1. a) we look the same
      c)Awh thanks! Yeah it's more creative than what I was doing before... but still get the clothes ha. Winner
      d) ME TOO, I'm such a fake haha.
      e)No problemoooo, get on it please I need life updates through blogging format
      f) My dog is sick, come meet her (:

  2. also where is the awesome dotty get up from?

  3. Hey girl! Found you on the idea of a style trial, I've been trying to push out of my comfort zone recently. I started wearing cropped tops which I don't usually do but now I'm super addicted. So naturally, I have to ask, where did you get your polka dot crop from?! Love the way you've put the bomber in and the shoes aren't too girly so it kinda matches! The whole outfit is super cute, you look great. I tend to keep sports as workout gear...the sportiest I go is wearing converse :-/ Wait..I used to wear sweatbands, I was 10 and thought they looked cool :-/ idiot much?! haha :-)

    1. Oh Hey gurllll.
      Oooh, love a good crop! I always buy them but rarely wear them.. perhaps you can inspire me!
      The co-ord is from forever 21! (But it's attached at the back by a zip so is kinda like a dress/ co-ord/I don't know what to call it)
      Awh, thanks so much that's so kind! I'll admit, I deffo didn't know what shoes to put with it, I thought, 'these are.. kinda.. sporty?' definitely aren't but I like them anyway ha!
      I'm exactly the same! The only sporty stuff I had was for going to the gym! (Which never happens anyway)
      Hahahaha I LOVED SWEATBANDS. I started off with neon ones, and progressed onto Band ones. I certainly got my moneys worth out of my Nirvana one haha!!!

  4. Love you jacket, dear)
    great post!
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  5. Cute outfit post! Love your skirt/crop combo x

    1. Oh hey there fellow new blogger!! (:
      Thanks v much!
      Just checked out your blog - is it on bloglovin?
      If not, you need to get on it! (:

  6. I always talk about how much money I've "saved" by buying in the sale, so I'm with you, don't worry ;) xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

    1. Haha, glad it's not just me!! I literally can't help myself recently!!
      Also, just checking out your blog as I type! Love that you're into lomo!!! (:

  7. You literally look like a different person here! Love the long hair, although I love it short like it is now. This outfit it lush as well. You gorgeous thing.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine


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