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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nice To Meet You

So this may be a little bit delayed but I thought perhaps I'd tell you a little bit about me, so we can get to know each other! (This means you need to comment so I can find your blog and get to know you too)
I thought the best way to do this without it becoming incredibly boring for both you and me, is in the form of FIVE FUN FACTS.(Okay so I can't promise fun.. but facts I can promise!)

Fun Fact Number One: I Love Wood
Okay, so, I guess I was trying to not be cliche and all ; 'I'm 23 and I have a Fine Art Degree &blaaaah' however this now just seems a little creepy. However, I do love a good bit of wood. Anything made out of a tree and I'm all over it! I currently make jewellery out of the lovely stuff. (which I'll be posting a link to in a couple of weeks if you're interested)

  Im drinking Strawberry & Cream tea by Charbrew, found here

Fun Fact Number Two: I Can Put Up A Decent Shelf
I am the man of the house. Now, I'm not one to blow my own trumpet in any way but there is one thing I will say - I'm pretty decent at DIY. Currently boasting my own -made from scratch - wardrobe, and with a degree in basically building stuff, I'd say you can rely on me for any shelves that need putting up! 

Fun Fact Number Three: Contrary To The Above... I Am Female!
Yes, I know it is hard to believe. I refused to believe it myself when I was younger and playing football with all of the boys but eventually, the moment came that I never imagined ; I began to like dresses. (And pink) Who would've thought it! If you were to take one look at my bedroom I'd like to think you'd never imagine my small boy-like self as you stumble over my endless pairs of shoes.

Fun Fact Number Four: I Am Addicted To Buying Cameras
 Say hello to my beauties:

Cameras are a mix of vintage, Lomo, Fujifilm and Samsung

(I couldn't include my Canon DSLR here, as I used it to take the photo!)
Most of my cameras, (And definitely my favourite ones) are film. I just love the anticipation of getting the film developed and seeing photo's you could only hazard a guess at by looking through the viewfinder. Unfortunately, this can get pretty expensive - especially as a financially struggling graduate trying to get enough money together to move out. I find that the pressure of the money lost if the shots don't go well definitely effects the way you feel about using each precious section of film and so I try to put this to the back of my mind. (Which isn't too hard when you love taking photo's as much as I do!)
I recently did my first baby shoot and am so excited to add this to my portfolio. It was such a lovely experience and I can't wait to do more!

Fun Fact Number Five: I Don't Have A Gallbladder
I am completely gallbladderless! I had it removed about five weeks ago now and am finally starting to feel like myself again. (Minus a tiny organ) I desperately wanted to keep it in a jar (Yes I know you may think it's gross, but I was planning a whole art piece around it....It was gonna be sick. Honest). Yeah.. they wouldn't let me do that.

Why don't you do the same? I'd love to know five fun facts about you!


p.s If anyone out there wants to follow me well that would just be super awesome!



  1. i enjoy your new blog logo. v. proffessional.
    and also (LOL ALLY LOVES WOOD)
    im liking the look of your wooden jewlery, do you varnish them with anything? me and my mum sliced this tree up once because it was amazingly yellow inside, but i never got round to doing anything with them,and wasnt sure what to strengthen them with and another one that had really defined rings inside... if i figure out what tree it was we were trimming i could post you some haha
    LOVES x

    1. haha I thought this myself but then thought.. ' nah.. no-one will think of it that way.. will they?!'
      well you did.
      those ones I haven't varnished no.. but I'm trying out different things at the minute. My dad has some wood sealant.. which I reckon is probably the next thing on my agenda to use.
      As for the coasters, I kind of like them left without varnish, I like that they can soak up all the tea and beer and whatever ha.
      Posting me a tree would be pretty sick

  2. yeah i like that!! you use coasters so's not to get moisture rings on your table, kind of nice for them to then show all the moisture rings on the coaster!. 'the passage of time through the collection of tea rings' am i RIGHT!!??

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