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Monday, 24 March 2014

Never A Frown, With Golden Brown

So the weekend started terribly, which I won't go into too much - mainly because it then took a massive turn up for the books when I went into town and bought my new camera. (Which I am now more in love with than is socially acceptable) I've been saving up for it since I graduated nearly a year ago so it felt pretty good to finally be able to get it. (For those of you interested, I bought the Canon 60D with the 18 - 135mm lens)
And so with this, new love of my life firmly attached to me at all possible moments, I felt it appropriate to do another outfit post.
Mainly I wanted to show you my vintage brown leather jacket, which I've fallen back in love with since the warm weather hasn't quite managed to stick around. (Fingers crossed it comes back, I can't hack tights any longer!)

Vintage Jacket, Topshop Shirt, Jeans & Shoes, Asos Ring, Miss Selfridge Watch

I wore this to work today as I had to be up pretty early and just felt like something chilled and comfy. Little did I know I'd be hanging large wooden objects from the ceiling so I guess it worked out pretty well that I didn't dress up!

In other news, I'm pretty stoked to now have five followers on Bloglovin (after originally getting excited at my very first follower which actually turned out to be myself.. shame.. I'm pretty impressed with having five)
So a BIG HELLO & THANKS to you guys!! 

I'm fully intending to spend the rest of the evening snuggled up in my duvet with a good cuppa, aside from when I cook my thai noodle soup (Actually getting ingredients out of the fridge as we speak.. sooooo hungry) and potentially to tidy my room.. but probably not.

How have you spent your monday?




  1. I spent my Monday by working and working, and that's why I've found your blog :) You have such a great style my dear xx

    1. Haha, bit of procrastination?? Mondays are always the worst I think. ( Even though I work weekends too..)
      Awh thanks thats so kind!!!! xxx

  2. Can I email you details of a writer's evening i'm hosting? There'll be dinner and booze and goodie bags galore, plus lots of other ace women.

    I'm at

    1. Ooh this sound cool! of course! (:

  3. Such lovely photos. I know the feeling of saving for so long, it's so worth it. The leather jacket is so lovely, it reminds me of 60's America.

    Lindsey. x

    1. Haha, I know, I'm literally so in love!!! Just checked out your blog & see you're a photographer? What camera do you use?
      Ahh thanks, it's cool isnt it? Got it for a tenner at a vintage fair! Bargain!

  4. Love the combination of images you posted, the head to the full-length shoot. Absolutely brilliant that you place just enough detailed. I know you wrote this in March last year but I love looking at old posts, shows how the awesomeness starts. Congratulations for long time again for getting that awesome camera, it is true - society acceptances to having the best, annoying thing about the world. Hope you are having fun with it.


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