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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Wouldn't it be great if we were all a little kinder to each other, a little less quick to judge, and a little more compassionate? 

Meet Sandy

Sandy thinks I'm awesome, and well... I'd say that means she must be a pretty decent judge of character. (joke/not joke) Jokes/not jokes aside, I think that something I've realised in the past few years is not to sweat the small stuff. Sometimes people can be short with you, sometimes people can be too busy for you but it doesn't mean they hate you and if they do; well then it's their loss. All you can do is be the very best you. Ups and downs. If you feel pressured to be the 'fun' you 100% of the time you're probably hanging out with the wrong people. Even the most awesome person in the world is an idiot sometimes.

Sandy thinks I'm confident. She'd be wrong there. Confidence is something I think I could do with a little more of, and I think us girls tend to be lacking in it more so. (Sorry boys. I know I'm generalising here but I'd say on average, you rarely have to deal with adjusting outfits to not show your bulges(( you don't have as many as we do)) & most of you don't have to make sure you make the correct foundation purchase for your current((IT CHANGES)) skin tone to avoid looking like an oompa lumpa or a dead version of yourself.) Confidence is so much more than the way we look though. Sometimes it's having the confidence to say "This isn't what I want" or, "Actually, I think I'm gonna do this my way". This is much more important I think. Having the confidence to know what you want.. and then to stick by it.. to not constantly second guess yourself and to be able to make decisions based on the dreams that you hope you can fulfill, rather than giving up at the first hurdle.That's confidence.

Sandy thinks I'm predictable. I think there's something to be said for being predictable. (Don't mistake this for boring though.) You can be predictably exciting, or even predictably spontaneous.. ( I think)I guess being predictable just means that your personality stays the same. My guess would be that this would only happen when you're remaining true to yourself? I don't think it would be predictable for me to go and get an accounting job, just like I don't think it would be predictable for me to stop complaining about having no money whilst simultaneously shopping. It's probably predictable that I have a breakdown every other day about what I'm doing with my life & the fact that I haven't made any art since graduating. If I was trying to be someone different though, I probably wouldn't be doing those things that make me predictable & so in this case, I'm quite happy to be predictable.

In reality, Sandy doesn't think. She just does. But the case still stands that the person I am in her eyes, is the person I aspire to be in others eyes (that are non animal based)



  1. be confident to make mistakes! (yes i am commenting on every post) no point putting yourself down everytime something goes wrong. id be in a right mess if i did that (Brendan calls me calamity McGrath on a regular basis) i think theres a balance in thinking a bit ahead and also just living in the moment, live in the moment to be happy in the future (Maybe? this is also a dogs mentality, they dont know whats happening they just know they want everything right at that second)
    dogs are great, why cant more people be like dogs.

    life uh?

    1. Rhona I literally love you hah!
      Totally agree with everything you've said, including wanting more people to be like dogs ha!
      Being confident to make mistakes is a super good one!!!!!


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